Keto isn’t Your Mom’s Version of the Atkins Diet

You may be old enough like me to remember the first mobile phones, the birth of the internet, GPS, caller ID, the Walkman, email and the very first computers. Along with technology there have been major advances and discoveries in nutrition and health such as the true healing power of Keto. Although it was first used over 100 years ago at the Mayo clinic for pediatric patients with epilepsy, it has evolved, and Keto’s superpowers are now mainstream. Keto is immensely popular and has gained respect in the world of health and wellness, as increasing studies have positively supported the therapeutic health and weight loss benefits of the diet.

Dr. Atkins introduced the low-carb phenomena in the early 70’s and his findings shook up our society to go beyond the concept of “eating less” to “eating the right foods” to lose weight. Amen! Yet here we are almost 50 years later, and people still confuse low carb, Atkins, and Keto. They think because they all focus on lowering carbs that makes them similar. They are vastly different. So, let’s put the Atkins diet in the past along with the first mobile phones and see what the NEW RULES are for dieting and health in 2021. And trust me, it’s Keto!

If you want to quickly become the best version of yourself, improve your body image and your health then give Keto another look in the NEW YEAR.

It’s Simple


The “rules” are simple. You cut out processed foods and lower the carbs in your diet to a minimal amount, eat moderate protein and most of your diet comes from healthy fats. Because of its simplicity you have a better chance of succeeding and making this a lasting lifestyle change.

Keto Delivers Fast, Healthy Weight Loss

Keto delivers the quickest, healthiest weight loss plan ever to get back your body back, hands down. It will melt the pounds off very quickly and in a healthy way and you won’t starve yourself to do it. It’s common on other diets to be hungry, feel deprived and frustrated only to have disappointing results before you finally give up. Not with Keto. It has the true potential to be your last diet ever and your yo-yo dieting will be a thing of the past.


One of the greatest benefits of Keto is the phenomenal energy it provides. Combine this with mental clarity and lack of brain fog that comes along with it, and it’s seriously like finding a hidden superpower. I can’t think of a person anywhere who wouldn’t welcome increased energy or improved brain function.

Quality & Quantity of Food

When enjoying the Keto diet, you eat plenty of food. On Keto you don’t count calories or restrict portions and you eat until you are full.


The Keto diet may benefit several health conditions such as: type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, obesity, brain function and more.

This quote from my client Cyndi sums it all up, “I have enjoyed the most incredible transformation that I ever could have imagined. My energy level has never been so high. I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine. Through it all Michelle was my rock that assisted me with all aspects of resetting my physical health, well-being, and energy levels. I owe my transformation to the Keto diet, her patience and understanding as to my needs.”

Once you get started with Keto, you’ll quickly fall in love with the weight loss, the foods and the energy that is now yours in spades. You will see for yourself why Keto is the hottest, most trusted diet you must experience in the New Year!

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