By Ruth Hill

Entering a local dispensary, you see displayed in plain view over eighteen manufacturers of various medicinal marijuana products, and there is no flower displayed. Everything from vape pens, tinctures, topicals, FICO extracts, suppositories, lozenges, tablinguals (what are tablinguals?) capsules, tablets, transdermal patches, beverages and finally Bundles (what’s a bundle). On each product are links displaying test results for cannabinoids terpenes microbials pesticides mold contaminants and metals. How many dispensaries do you know are totally devoted to medicinal products like this?

This is medicinal heaven. Where is this place? Lucky for you it does exist, but only on the Internet. Two websites called and Few dispensaries have the shelf space to display this many products. On True Farma websites you will see brands from Aunt Zelda’s, Brite Labs, Dosit, Papa Barkley, Rosette, or Tikum Olam (means repair the world) Tikum Olam is an Israeli product now available exclusively in CA and FL and can be found locally at the Palm Royal Collective, OG Collective, or Bare dispensary in Palm Springs.  But where do I find the other products?

You can search these brand websites to find a local dispensary but isn’t it more convenient to find them all in one place? True Farma is that company. Medical and nursing experts are pointing to the brands that provide not just something to sell but education and easy access to lab-tested, dose-specific cannabis and full-spectrum, hemp-derived products from carefully screened manufacturers. True Farma is the exclusive statewide retail distributor of Mara Gordon, a well-respected cannabis manufacturing expert and R&D pioneer of Aunt Zelda’s products. Mara Gordon is currently doing double blind research studies on treating chronic insomnia with cannabis. These kinds of studies are not allowed in the U.S.


True Farma’s unique advocate model allows sponsoring of educational events for healthcare professionals throughout oncology centers and hospitals statewide in California. True Farma is pioneering the novel idea of having a kiosk in the infusion center that allows patients access to safe medical products. True Farma also works with Radicle Health, a management services organization that provides cannabis education, advocacy, and access to cannabis patient care.

This month is breast cancer awareness month and True Farma is a sponsor of the #pinktober Charity Products (Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness for those not getting it). Go to: to view over a dozen of the hand-picked products that provide some relief from anxiety, decreased appetite, depression, fatigue, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, and pain all side effects of breast cancer. A portion of proceeds from #pinktober products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The vape pen crisis causes diligence and fear. What better place to purchase a vape cartridge than one that posts the labs? Does your local dispensary do this? True Farma is setting the criteria for quality control of premium medicinal products. They will liven up the competition and make the distinction between recreational and medicinal products. The industry needs this to show the public its awareness for safety.

Ask your dispensary to share lab results. Dispensaries will be pushed by the public to upgrade and prove they are not just repositories for getting people high. It doesn’t cost much to have a kiosk available for customers to upload a lab test for specific products the dispensary sells.

California is pushing the envelope on quality forcing other states to mimic us to survive in the market. Products need to be labeled with potency (mg/ml) identity of cannabinoids and terpenes. Medical cannabis requires a medical professional to counsel and educate. Competition will demand dispensaries network with health professionals for liability and good stewardship of their business.

The best competitive event will be when the federal government declassifies marijuana out of the Schedule I category. The present system in the U.S. is a mosaic of confusion, poor access for the most vulnerable in society, price inequality, and indiscriminate police intervention. Recreational marijuana opened the door to medicinal marijuana, but it will be the medicinal side of the business that gives the industry legitimacy.

Ruth Hill lectures and counsels the public on marijuana/cannabis.