By Julie Buehler

There’s the Millionaire Matchmaker, Tough Love, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and other mind-numbing shows that make your brain bleed faster than water flowing over Niagara. Yet the goal of those shows is to find compatibility between for the sake of entertainment.

Well, in my opinion, there is no better entertainment than the NFL and I’m here to help you discover the NFL franchise you’re most compatible with.
Consider me your NFL Matchmaker. There are 32 teams in the league and while I’ll be offering general guidelines, this is a highly personal choice and one that requires dutiful consideration. If you need more assistance, please tweet at me, @Julie_Buehler or find me on Facebook: Julie.Buehler.
I’m here to help.

The NFL is a symphony of strategy and weekly crescendo of collisions and while everyone knows who their favorite band is or what kind of music populates the iPod, many would-be football fans consider the NFL white noise each Sunday.


Well, if you’re looking to get in the game and provide some meaning to the weekly ritual, adopt a team, and stick with them. And as is the case with your favorite band, not every record will be a hit, but when your team strikes the right chord, it’s simply music to your ears.

If your favorite music is classical music, you’re an old soul and should consider the San Francisco 49ers or Pittsburgh Steelers. They have an old-school head coach, new school infusion of talent, but transport you to another era with their hard-fought style of play. Also consider: Carolina Panthers, St. Louis Rams.

Maybe Rock and Roll is more your style. Then the Chicago Bears or Oakland Raiders, could be your team. These teams can be as maddening as they are entertaining, and you never know if you’ll be singing your heart out or wanting to smash a guitar. Also consider: Dolphins, Titans.

If you’re a StageCoach loyalist and country fan, you should check out the Indianapolis Colts or Green Bay Packers. Their quarterbacks grow neck beards and are the type of guys you’d like to have a beer with. Also consider: Vikings, Patriots, Ravens (the QBs don’t necessarily sport a neck beard, but they’re All-American images help and the teams are consistent, and in the case of the Vikings, like country music, generally depressing).

If you’re rocking out to Top 40 or the latest hits, clue into the Denver Broncos, or Seattle Seahawks. They’re fun to watch, have high-octane offenses or high-octane personalities, but will always keep you entertained. Also consider: New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons.

If you like music that’s off the beaten path, if you’re into Folk or Indie Rock, a team like the Kansas City Chiefs or Arizona Cardinals could be interesting to you. They have coaches and history and are NOT teams with large band-wagoning contingents. Also consider: Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jags

Perhaps Hip Hop gets you going, then the Cincinatti Bengals or Philadelphia Eagles are your team. They have an edge, and they also have a lot of underrated talent, but plenty of swagger. Also consider: New York Jets, Tampa Bay Bucs, Houston Texans.

And lastly, if you can’t get enough of the blues, I direct you to the Dallas Cowboys or San Diego Chargers. Enough said. Also consider Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions.
So even if you’ve never watched NFL football before, given the type of artists you find on your iPod, this should help direct you to the team that will be music to your ears.

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