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Country rock band Nitro Express debut Concert Series



Palm Desert’s Summer Concerts begin this Thursday, June 7, with Country rock band, Nitro Express performing from 7:30 until 9 p.m. at the amphitheater in the Civic Center Park located at the corner of Fred Waring Dr. and San Pablo Ave.

This San Diego based band, Nitro Express, became a Coachella Valley favorite Country band when they were chosen as the house band for “Two Step Tuesdays” held at the Agua Caliente Casino. “We performed there for over 4 years,” said Jimmy “Nitro” Pulsifer, co-founder of the band over 15 years ago. “The dancers loved to line-dance and we would get requests to perform specific dances, not necessarily a particular song.” However with their extensive repertoire, they were able to accommodate their fans with several different songs suitable for the line-dance requested.

Although the band has changed over the years, this group of musicians have been performing together for over 8 years. Band members include lead and rhythm guitarist Pulsifer; Rick “Nitro” Dunham on bass; Spike “Nitro” Loudermilk on lead and rhythm guitar and Patrick “Nitro” Giurbino on drums. Besides all sharing the same stage name “Nitro”, they all sing lead and background vocals and all wear western coats and hats. “It might be pretty hard to wear our coats and hats in 100 degree weather, especially since we all dress in black,” Pulsifer said with a chuckle, “So we may have to make an exception for this concert.”

One thing is for sure; this dynamic band will thrill the audience with lots of great music. Their show will feature old and new Country songs made famous by Johnny Cash, Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson, to name a few, but keep in mind, they also know classic rock songs. If someone requests a Beatles tune, they can play it. They do their best to stay true to the authentic sound of the songs but they do “make them their own” with the Nitro Express “stamp”. To contact them, please call Jimmy “Nitro” at (619) 280-1076 or e-mail

A bit of interesting history…Pulsifer’s ancestors came to this country on the ship after the Mayflower, “The Fortune.” The ship landed in the New World in November of 1621 and carried only 37 passengers. Jimmy said his family lived in upstate New York, but there is a concentration of Pulsifers in Maine and Utah, all related in some way.

“Music was always a part of my life when I was growing up. My Father played piano in a Dixieland band and would rehearse every week at the house,” said Pulsifer. “My brother played the trumpet, my sisters played the flute and I played trombone. We performed in the Marching Band at school. That was great, but I wanted to play the songs that were on the radio, so I bought a guitar at 16 and learned how to play it. I think it is very important for children to be exposed to music at a young age, all types of music. It does have an impact in their lives as they grow up. All the band members have similar stories; we liked the music of the time. But appreciate all the music of the past.”

Bring your blankets and low lawn chairs this Thursday to the Civic Center Park. Make it a great family night and enjoy the evening!

The concert series continues on Thursday, June 14, featuring Classic Rock with Southband; June 21 features dance band Vanity Fair. The concert series concludes on Wednesday, July 4, with the Swing Cats Big Band followed by fireworks at the City’s annual Independence Day Celebration. For more information call (760) 346-0611 or visit


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