Sylvia Garza likely had no idea her life journey would include creating Qué Mami Organics, a ShareKitchen-based business that creates and sells 100% organic Mexican food products without compromising authentic Mexican flavor.

It all started when Sylvia began to change how she prepared food for her family after her father began an alternative treatment for lung cancer, which included an organic, vegan diet.

“I had no idea that diet played such an important role for healing and preventing diseases. I began experimenting with the recipes I had used for years, including replacing chicken broth with veggie broth, and using coconut oil instead of corn oil. One Christmas, after making vegan tamales, a few family members commented on how delicious the sauce was that I used in the tamales. They also couldn’t believe how tasty it was without meat or lard. These comments triggered the idea of creating super-healthy, organic Mexican food products that taste truly authentic, like the Mexican dishes my mom used to prepare. I knew that some organic salsas did exist, but not the varied sauces like mole or enchilada sauce. It is also extremely difficult or impossible to find organic Mexican sauces that don’t have preservatives, thickeners, or high amounts of sodium. For these reasons, I decided to create Qué Mami Organics, with the hope to provide authentic Mexican cuisine that is completely organic, healthy and delicious,” states Sylvia.

Sylvia makes three salsas: Red Enchilada Salsa, Green Tomatillo Salsa and Mami’s Mole Sauce. Each is made in small, handcrafted batches at ShareKitchen in Cathedral City.


Qué Mami Organic Salsas can now be found at Whole Foods Markets in Palm Desert as well as the weekly Farmer’s Markets in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta.

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