The Center for Disease Control has confirmed this year’s Flu vaccine is only 23 percent effective against the virus. Yes, it does sound crazy and it is… Normally at 60 percent effectiveness, everywhere you go people are coughing, sneezing and hacking. This is the most common way of spreading the virus. Droplets containing flu germs spread this way and can land on your nose or mouth up to about 6 feet away.

Flu season usually peaks around February according to Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. If you think you’re getting the flu, see your doctor. But first and foremost, just like Fire Prevention, practice Flu Prevention.” Get your Flu shot. Wash your hands often. The flu virus can linger on surfaces then spread to you when you touch your mouth or nose. Clean high touch surfaces such as door knobs, telephones, keyboards etc. Eat a healthful diet, drinking plenty of water or other fluids, and getting sufficient sleep.

If you do get the flu, stay home and drink lots of fluids.

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Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna