By Bronwyn Ison

Strength, Courage, Prestige, Spirit, Wisdom, Loyalty, Balance, Meditation, Healing, Faith, Connection with Higher Power, Freedom, Awareness, Perspective and Insight. Are any of the aforementioned your personal characteristics? If you possess a majority, you are likely an eagle.

Be mindful with whom you keep your company. Eagles are leaders. Those with eagle characteristics choose to spend their time with others who are like-minded. They do not expend their time, nor should they, with people who idle life away in negative thoughts or activities. Therefore, you may need to scrutinize who you are choosing to share time with and how often.

Misery loves company. If someone is unhappy, they may do anything to make you feel weak and weary. I often refer to this group of individuals as Hoovers. Like a vacuum, they will eviscerate any amount of life from you. Refute this attempt. Often this is easier said than executed. Perhaps we all have visited both sides of this equation. Differentiate between someone who is venting and relinquishing their frustrations and/or attempting to bring you down with them. Being a friend is admirable. Implement and know your boundaries.


You must flee from people who display crow or vulture like characteristics. Unfortunately, this kind of person will likely gossip, wreak havoc in the workplace, expect you to pity them and/or exhaust you mentally. Do not succumb to such manipulation. You may have fallen victim to this person. If this is you, devise a plan and separate yourself. However, you may be the vulture in the workplace or home. Take an honest look at yourself. If you think you are the culprit then it’s time to reevaluate why you are acting hostile and immature.

Choose to surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. If this is challenging, you may need to find quiet time to meditate/pray. The more you socialize with negative people the chances are you will be just as they are hence, birds of a feather flock together.

Life is too short to waste your precious time on negativity. Not to mention these people will render you mentally and physically ill. They will possess a strangle hold on you. You are their lifeline. Dismiss or pull the cord from all of these relationships.

You have an option to be an eagle and soar. Spread your wings and fly!