By Bronwyn Ison

What I have learned, with all that is occurring in our world, we share a common thread. Not just one but many.  First, we’re all in this together.  Secondly, we’re all in quarantine.  Thirdly, each person is experiencing uncertainty. Lastly, I believe we have a strong desire to remain healthy and well. My therapist told me, the most common thread she’s recognizing with her patients is anxiety, stress, uncertainty and depression. Trust me… this is not to be a Debbie Downer, rather I’m sharing the good news. Good news? Yes, that if you are experiencing these feelings, you are not alone, you are human. As a wellness advocate and voice for our community, I’m here to help! Yes, I can help you because I share some of these feelings too.

Let’s make a wellness plan together and make each other accountable… you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen. While I will not have the ability to check on you, find an accountability partner. Your spouse, a best friend or the entire family. Here is a check list to get you started.

  1. Establish a morning routine (if you don’t have one already)

Dedicate time to prayer, a devotional or a positive affirmation. Reflect on it throughout your day. Place it on sticky note or someplace visible to you.

  1. Establish an exercise routine. Yoga, walking, hiking or swimming. Just Move! This is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too warm.
  2. Hydrate. Make sure you have plenty of liquids. (Preferably water) Avoid soda, high sugar fruit juices and alcohol.
  3. Eat healthy.  Resist high carbs and sugar. These soul good feeling foods can make you sluggish in the long run. Plus, they are weight gainers.
  4. Read and/or watch something that is inspirational or educational.  Feed your soul and mind with goodness.
  5. Journal your thoughts. Make a vision board of what your next 90-days may look like to you. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself or start something new. (You can’t say that you don’t have time.)
  6. Call a friend and let them know that you are thinking of them. Encourage them and send kind thoughts and words their way.

I can almost guarantee that if you are feeling frustrated, depleted, depressed or uncertain… it’s time to get up, move and make some healthy changes for yourself.

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