By Heidi Simmons

Vivacious and beautiful, Patti Gribow, CEO of Gribow Entertainment, is a force of nature. She is her own brand, unafraid to morph and change with the times, she stays relevant to make a difference. Reinventing herself again, Gribow has a new mission.

“More than ever, I recognized the need of asset protection in an estate plan and the quest to support seniors and those who love them,” said Gribow.  “We are living longer, more productive lives. There is now the possibility you will out-live your money.”

Over the past 5 years, Gribow has produced a multitude of TV and web spots. She has interview financial managers, planners and consultants and became aware of the increasing challenges facing the population of aging Americans. In caring for and assisting her own dear mother, Gribow has learned to personally navigate the elder-care journey.


Gribow was motivated to change her course and fill the increasing need of retirement planning. She obtained a Life and Health Insurance License and now represents the Gilbert Group of Beverly Hills here in the Coachella Valley.

The Gilbert Group is a nationally acclaimed insurance advisory firm that creates and implements sophisticated insurance-based, wealth transfer strategies for high net worth individuals and their families.

“I find that life takes you from one place to another. You have to keep your eyes open and it will take you where you are supposed to be,” said Gribow. “Who you are and what you do with your life is your brand. I’m hopeful that what I’m doing with my life now is helping people.”

Gandhi said: “My life is my message.” This too is Gribow’s mantra. And she has lived a life that is both interesting and colorful. A former actress and entertainer, Gribow had many guest starring televisions roles that include, “Charlie’s Angels,” “Happy Days” and “Quantum Leap.” She was a Dean Martin Gold Digger and captain of the troupe of beautiful singers and dancers. She has sung for Presidents Reagan and Ford.

“Life is a journey and we take many different paths. Some are better than others,” said Gribow. “But I cannot do anything, sell or represent anything, unless I believe in it in my heart.”

Twenty years ago Gribow and her family, husband attorney Dale Gribow, and their only daughter Gina, decided to leave the hectic lifestyle in Los Angeles. With family already here, they made the CV their permanent home. Married nearly 30 years, Gribow believes having a great partner is a big advantage when pursuing your path.
“It hasn’t all been perfect or easy. We’ve had our triumphs and failures,” said Gribow. “But you keep at it. You have to survive. You keep going and make the best of what you have.”

Gribow is an advocate for women and girls. While working as Director of Development for the Palm Valley School, Patricia Crone, the Head of School, inspired her. “Crone was ahead of her time,” said Gribow. “She had anti-bullying programs and a psychologist on campus to help kids build skills and self-esteem.” Gribow learned the importance of mentoring and helping woman find their passion.

“There is something about this valley. I find the CV to be a very feminine place. We have so many females in leadership here,” said Gribow. “I hope the valley can be a role model for the rest of the United States.”

She acknowledges that the valley is a pretty good place for men as well. But Gribow is excited to see more women in leadership roles believing it brings more balance and an improvement to government.

Gribow points to the remarkable number of charities and organizations who are doing wonderful things for people living in the Coachella Valley. Gribow is currently the President of the Palm Springs’ Women in Film and Television.

The PSWIFT organization is active in promoting the valley for film production. It also provides a network of men and women who live here involved in the film and television industry. Gribow is proud of their outreach program Book Pal, which organizes in-classroom readers for school kids.

“The beauty of the valley is there is always collaboration. You can work in your own space, but when there is something you need, it’s here,” said Gribow.

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