By Bronwyn Ison

Have you ever thought about how many decisions you have to make each day?  If you take a moment to ponder how many, it could take a bit of your time.  We make numerous decisions daily.  Some are small and others may be life altering and require more thought. 

It’s possible you are making choices for other people.  So not only do you keep track of what you are doing, you are also responsible for someone else.  For instance, I have two daughters and they are not of age to make certain choices.  When I move forward, there have been times I’ve questioned whether or not it was the right direction.  Because not only am I making a choice for them, I am teaching them a lesson along the way.  It may be that you care for a parent, a spouse, or a friend who needs you and appreciates your help.  Depending on your circumstance, it may be that you have to call the shots despite their stubbornness. 

As of late, I’m faced with many choices, of which will be life altering.  For the most part, all of what I am facing is exceptionally positive, but a choice needs to be made. Of course, we are hopeful we will make the “right” move.  We’ve all been there when we’ve chosen to go left when we should have gone right (figuratively speaking).  Plus, there is always a reaction to your action.  I’ve been on the side of the fence of poor choices and it isn’t glamorous.  We all know, one poor choice can be problematic and can create lifelong issues. 


This leads me to share with you, what a dear friend of mine shared with me many years ago.  I’ve adopted this way of living and it truly works.  It’s not a perfect recipe to making the right choice but it’s quite close. My friend said to me, “Don’t ever make a decision unless you have a peace about it.”  My heart, mind and soul, resonates with this way of living.  Ever since I began to wait and have a peace, I have made very few poor choices. 

With this being said, I have less troubles or drama in my life.  I don’t care to listen to what other people or family members “think” I should do.  However, everyone’s opinion does matter but I don’t allow it to convolute my mind.  I take time to mediate on the “BIG” decisions I have facing me.  But, I do not make a wholehearted choice until I have an absolute peace overall.

I am less stressed, I feel more at peace, and I know I have the abilities to make wise choices without depending on others.  You can do this too if you take the time to mediate first.  Do nothing until you have peace.