by Noe Gutierrez

Local heavy metal band Perishment admittedly derives their name from the Slayer song “Postmortem”. The lyrics sung are, “seeking life beyond your perishment”. Lead guitarist Bobby Taffolla concedes, “No meaning really, just Slayer worship!”
Current Perishment members are Ruben Gutierrez (ex-Menzrea) on vocals, lyrics and cowbell, Bobby D. Taffolla (ex-Ritual Hatred/Sangre) on guitars, backing vocals, visual artistry and management, Aaron Ramson (ex-Crematorium) on bass guitar, vocals and smut peddling and Tommy Winters on drums and lap dances.
The genesis of Perishment began with Taffolla considering the need for self maturation as an artist. “Perishment was a result of me in 2006, needing to expand my skills as a songwriter. Most of us come from extreme metal backgrounds and I had envisioned a band that not only could deliver technicality, but musically as well and develop good songs. And as you can imagine, in the desert, to combine all those elements in a metal band was not easy. I needed each member to bring a top-notch, next level ability to their craft and I believe with our current lineup, we are at the top of our game.”
In detailing their sound, Gutierrez points out the complexity of their arrangements, “Perishment is diverse, progressive and we have the ability to grow as musicians and artists. With each release, you can hear the maturity and growth in our sound.” Taffolla elaborates, “The goal with Perishment’s sound is to create something timeless. Something you can pop in ten years from now and dig it, like …And Justice For All or Far Beyond Driven. Ramson considers their musical expedition a “constant evolution”.
The heavy metal/hard rock scene in the Coachella Valley has fluctuated throughout the years. Taffolla has been witness to this ebb and flow. “It’s there, just in small numbers. I feel it comes and goes in waves. There will be an influx of bands, then the same two bands playing repeat shows over and over. I think the lack of places to play also plays a part in it, especially the lack of all age’s venues. Then we think about when we did the Big 4 show 2011 at Plan B, the heavy metal/hard rock scene was doing great. It’s like herpes; it comes and goes, appears and disappears.”
Perishment will be releasing two new CDs on 4/20/13 for Metal Nyte II at Plan B Entertainment & Cocktails to commemorate Record Store Day. The first release is FREE but limited to the first 25 guests. It is titled Vol. 4/20 (a tribute to Black Sabbath’s 1972 album Vol. 4). It will contain two newly recorded and never performed cover songs and two live Perishment songs. The second, which is an expanded version of the 2011 EP Peripheral Veil contains the five original EP tracks as well as two newly recorded covers and one live song for $5.00. Both are hand numbered and limited to 25 copies each. Taffola is enthused at the chance to share music on Record Store Day. “I’m a huge music fan and collector. And special releases that pertain to supporting the physical release of music call to me. Perishment is all about the physical release of music as well as the concepts and artwork.”
Perishment has begun to to track songs for their 3rd album, which is due out this summer. Their debut release, Cult of Disaster, was issued on September 30th, 2008. Their sophomore release, the EP Peripheral Veil, was released in 2011. Band members make it well known that all releases are available at Perishment shows. Perishment has performed at local venues that feature metal music since 2007 except for The Date Shed, which they hope to cross off their list this year.
Perishment shares their band influences, in no particular order; Dry Kill Logic, Nothingface, Spineshank, Bermuda, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Type O Negative, Pantera, Mastodon, Opeth, The Misfits, The Beatles., Deftones, Hypocrisy, In Flames and Soilwork. Individual artist influences are; Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Anselmo, Pete Sandoval, John Lennon, Lemmy Kilmister and Peter Steele.
I asked Gutierrez how heavy metal fans can help improve and maintain the metal scene in the desert. He shared, “Keep an open mind; support all bands of all genres. Segregation can kill a scene. Of course try to get out to shows when you can, buy merchandise and such.”
Perishment shared with me what is currently the most played artist in their music devices. Gutierrez: Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage. Taffolla: Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska. Ramson: Deftones – Koi No Yokan. Winters: Hypocrisy – Taste of Extreme Divinity
Winters provides his input as the newest member, “We of course are working on our new record out this summer and are looking to book shows. Also a special re-release, stay tuned Heshers!”
Joining Perishment on 4/20/13 Metal Nyte II at Plan B Entertainment & Cocktails in Thousand Palms are In The Name Of The Dead, Wyte Gye and heavy metal/hard rock spinster DJ Alltruizm. This show is FREE!
To find out more about Perishment, look them up.