By Noe Gutierrez

Released on Halloween 2020, the self-titled Pescaterritory album put a mind-blowing scare into Rock fans around the world as it was played in its entirety on US10 Radio. Since then, their music has been played in countries like England, Scotland and Spain to name a few. Out of the gates, the album screams Rock and Roll! Recorded at Sondy Studios by Jake Sonderman (Silver Sky), you can download or purchase the album on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

The ‘Best Youth Band’ of 2019 at the Coachella Valley Music Awards,

Jason Zembo (guitar), Nick Willman (drums), Aiden Schaeffer (vocals) and Gavin Lopez (bass) have their own festival, PESCAFEST, hopefully returning in 2021, as well as having plans of conquering North America while ‘crossing the pond’ to annihilate Europe and beyond!


With comparisons to Led Zeppelin, Pescaterritory have earned the correlation through their hard work and philosophy. They are willing to step out into the unknown and roll the musical dice. Notably the most successful band to develop from the Academy of Musical Performance (AMP), the band has made significant efforts to remain in the public eye sans the pandemic. Performing live online, participating in benefits, continuing to forge a relationship with Gotham Records and US10 Radio Show host Barry Tomes and United Kingdom television and radio presenter/producer Monica Price and essentially staying connected and in the public eye.

Nominated for three 2020 Coachella Valley Music Awards for ‘Best Youth Band’ (a moniker they hope to shed this year), ‘Best Drummer’ for Willman and ‘Best Song’ for King Street, the band continues to strive for excellence in music and performance. The 8th Annual CV Music Awards will be held Sunday, December 20, 2020, from 5-7 p.m. This year, for the first time, will be brought to you virtually. Below is the Coachella Valley Weekly review of the album, Pescaterritory.

  1. King Street – “I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell”. – The Bruce Dickinson (producer). The first version of this song was released on July 31, 2019, this interpretation is incontestably different. Cue the cowbell, big bass and drums, keen muffled vocals and stupefying guitar hook. There is a King Street in Indio, California, I wonder if the song is based on any shenanigans the band has experienced while traversing the inner city thoroughfare that leads to the county jail. At any rate, if any song encompasses the band’s attitude, this song is it. The added double-time exit brings it to a climax. From what I hear, the official video for King Street is on its way!
  2. Running Away – A faster “running” pace. It features more serious and commanding vocals from Schaeffer. It has a Velvet Revolver kind of tempo and sound. Zembo and Lopez solos are featured respectively. This is a song I look forward to seeing performed live.
  3. Dream Inside a Dream – Exceptional lead and background vocals. A 5 minute opus of imagination from the formidable foursome, Willman’s drums throb and mobilize the song. The chant of “no more dreams” leads me to believe there is too much emphasis placed on the delusions of “castles in the air” rather than focusing on the reality of our situations.
  4. Better Off Dead – The other track that was released in 2019 is regenerated here. The song is reconstructed in a way that lifts the title to a more palatable theme. We are not really “better off dead” but it’s a tongue in cheek and sarcastic term that, in the song, seems to communicate that being in a painful situation where death would be preferable over being vulnerable.
  5. Ranger Larson – The strangest song title of the bunch with the biggest Blues The Pesca boys are at a musical threshold here. The song showcases their apprehension of the history of music, no doubt instilled by their familial influences and AMP.
  6. I’m Fine – An acoustic intro into a lulling “wave your lighter” segment. The song conveys the impression of the difficulty of sharing how someone genuinely feels. It is an impassioned song that lyrically shows the depth of emotion within these young men who “feel” and have the desire to express themselves AND be heard. This is the element that Pescaterritory may have over their Rock predecessors, an emotional intelligence associated with their music.
  7. New Rock – Cool bass and drum intro. New Rock? Not really, but it encompasses all that is good in Heavy Rock, egregious instrumentation, stabbing vocals and dynamic groove.
  8. Rise – That guitar intro…reminds me of Seattle bands like Soundgarden and Queensrÿche. The song includes some of Zembo’s most skillful six-string work. Another song I would like to see performed live…and soon!
  9. The War – The ultimate termination for music fans. A 10 minutes plus finale! If you’re going to debut an album, this is how you end it, with a crowning achievement. I believe The War will be discussed for decades to come, a ‘tour de force’ of a song that takes you on a journey into the sentiments of these four evolving musicians. If you like the length, depth and self-questioning of Tool or Dream Theater lyrics, you will love The War. The fade out only lengthens your languish and makes you thirst for more.

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