What your pet would say to you if he could talk? Would you like to know what your pets are thinking? If you adopted a rescue pet, are you curious about his past? Would you like help adding an additional pet to your brood? What are your pets likes and dislikes? Cherie Vergini, the Coachella Valley’s resident pet communicator and psychic, may have some answers for you.

Cherie Vergini is an engaging, charming woman with an unusual career as a pet communicator. Ever since she can remember, Cherie has been able to intuitively “tune in” to both people and animals. According to her website, “She receives feelings, pictures, thoughts and a ‘sense of knowing’ about their specific situation and feels the emotional information that’s in their body.” For awhile she used her psychic ability and intuition in sessions with people, but her ability as an animal communicator became even more apparent when Cherie became involved in animal rescue efforts. Cherie rescues dogs from high kill shelters in Los Angeles and finds them new homes in the Coachella Valley. Her rescue experience deepened her empathy for what these dogs had been through while amazingly maintaining a spirit of love and hope in their hearts. Cherie found that it was helpful to the healing of abused and abandoned animals to understand their past.

What happens during a pet psychic session? Most sessions can be conducted by phone, and distance is not relevant to the process. It is recommended that owners draw up a list of questions in advance. Cherie can help determine the cause of unwanted behavior, and help pet owners discover how to have a more enjoyable relationship with their pets. Cherie will openly share things your pet tells her in these fascinating communications. Cherie makes it clear that she is not a dog trainer, nor does she have veterinary training, and suggests clients consult their vet when there is a health concern. She does relay a pet’s expression of their emotions, needs, pains, symptoms as they describe them.

Cherie was contacted by one couple who were considering euthanizing their 12 year old Shih Tzu named Max. Max recently went blind and for the past 3 days lay on the bed in a depressed state. The vet was scheduled to euthanize him, but the owners wanted Cherie’s assessment first. Max remained immobile during Cherie’s visit to the home, and communicated to her that he was in some physical discomort, trying to adjust to being blind and needed more time to get his bearings. Cherie reports the small dog communicated his will to live. Cherie asked his humans to reconsider their decision, and they went out to lunch to discuss what to do next. Upon their return, they discovered Max had jumped off the bed and was running around the house barking like a young puppy as if to say “I want to live!” Everyone agreed that Max was not ready to “transition” to doggie heaven. He lived an active, happy life for several more years.


Helping owners find their lost pet is another area of her expertise. Cherie’s ability to find a missing animal is most effective during the first 24 hours, and it helps if you provide a recent picture or information as to where your pet was last seen. She does not guarantee that your pet will be returned once she communicates with them, but will do everything she can to provide information useful to the search. Cherie had a client call from Paris, France, about her cat Murmure who was missing for 2 weeks. Cherie connected with Murmure who told her she would leave a “present” for her owner the following day and would return home soon, coming to her bedroom window. The next morning a dead mouse was found on the front porch, and Murmure returned home shortly thereafter, meowing at his “Mom’s” bedroom window late one night.

Here’s an alternative to the Dogpark date or Pet Birthday Party. Consider hosting a pet psychic party in your home for your pet loving friends. More unique than a Tupperware or CandleLight party, you can serve light refreshments and gather your pals to hear Cherie talk about what she does. Then each guest receives a private reading about their animal.

Cherie works with animals other than dogs and cats. Other “clients” have included horses, birds, donkeys, lamas, and ostriches. One interesting case involved a warthog who was unwilling to mate! The solution here was to bring in a different female warthog.

Cherie has lots of great advice for pet owners. “Most people fail to look at the world through their animal’s perspective. Dogs in particular require visual stimulation and lots of activity. Home alone for 8 or 9 hours a day, many pets are bored from experiencing the stillness and quiet of an empty home. Just like humans want to be with other humans, dogs also long to be around their own kind”. Cherie recommends socialization with other dogs, whether at doggie day care or at the local dog park. When you leave home, consider leaving the television or radio on with soft music. On Demand TV has a new show called Dog TV that will keep your canine entertained for hours. When he does stay in alone, make sure your dog can see out a window or glass sliding door that provides a view of life outside. Vary the route of your walk so your dog can explore new areas.

Cherie explains, “Giving your pet an opportunity to communicate some of the things they would like you to know can provide real insight into their personality and deepen your relationship to them”. Meet Cherie at the Ambrosia Pet Deli in Palm Desert where she conducts monthly inexpensive mini sessions. More information is available on her website www.cheriev.com or call her at (818) 577-5247.

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