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As the explosive professional wrestling season reaches its fever pitch for 2024, millions upon millions across the world are going to have a difficult time unwinding from this past weekend’s WWE WrestleMania 40 extravaganza. The two-day event that dazzled fans and marked the final way WrestleMania will be presented in its traditional fashion wrapped up a star-studded event fueled by an intense lineup of matches and celebrity appearances. Not to mention, “The Rock” who made his return to in-ring competition after a near decade hiatus.

It’s shocking to think that the biggest wrestling event in history began four decades ago. However, what is all-the-more shocking is how WWE and professional wrestling has now positioned itself as the true leader in all of entertainment. Find that difficult to believe? Keep reading …

It began last year when WWE, then headed by one of its founders, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, began a partnership with Hollywood talent agency, WME [William Morris Endeavor] and its premium sports and entertainment company TKO.


WME lead agent, Ari Emmanuel, who is the brother of former Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, along with his clients, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Dana White of the UFC, banded together to form TKO in September, 2023. TKO is now the parent company of both WWE and UFC among others. So, why did WWE choose to sell to new ownership?

For those who may not be aware, Hollywood and the global entertainment industry is ran by agents. Many will stab you in the back quicker than you can offer a handshake. Nonetheless, these shrewd business persons who sold their souls for fame and fortune, are the persons who make or break anyone seeking to bask within their showbusiness spotlight. Sorry if we have burst the bubble of those who believe “talent” is what will lead them to worldwide stardom, yet this is not the reality. The reality is, who you know, what you know, how far you are willing go/stoop, and if you are willing to sacrifice your morals, values, faith, and ethics. Those are the elements that may, just may lead you to a career in showbusiness.

TKO are responsible for having constructed a deal for WWE and Netflix. The deal went through for five billion dollars. Yes, FIVE BILLION DOLLARS – one of the largest content acquisitions in entertainment history. The deal means that all WWE content and future content will be distributed by Netflix, and that all WWE shows will begin airing on Netflix as of January, 2025. This also means that WWE will no longer be bound by the censorship of network television. Some believe this will boost the WWE’s popularity, as it will be able to be more graphic, violent, and aim at mature audiences. Others believe this will cause revenue to plummet as a considerable amount of merchandise sales are derived from families with younger children, and PG entertainment is generally more widely accepted rather than R-rated.

In the early 1990’s, WWE, then WWF, was a proud leader of family entertainment. In the late 1990’s, due to competition, WWE began airing R-rated content. It helped them then, although audiences changed, and eventually networks forced WWE to return to its PG programming – and it worked!

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