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As the legendary WWE superstar Gorilla Monsoon once said, “It is a happening”, it will be indeed be just that this March 24th 2024, in Banning California, at the Banning Community Center when EWF [Empire Wrestling Federation] comes to town.

For close to thirty years, EWF, and its owner and lead trainer Mr. Jesse Hernandez have been at the helm of bringing local professional wrestling, and lucha libre to So Cal residents.

Jesse Hernandez is a highly respected legend within professional wrestling. Having traveled across the world with companies like WWE, Jesse has his eyes and ears poised on all the new up and coming talent. During his tenure, Jesse has discovered, and helped begin the careers of many a WWE, AEW, AAA, NWA, and TNA Impact Wrestling superstar. Perhaps one of the wrestlers on the upcoming Banning show will be the next to star to hit your television screens …


The fierce action and epic entertainment of the EWF will be making its official Banning debut after giving locals a teaser last year during one of the community’s events. However, this EWF trip to Banning marks would could become a regular tradition. We cannot say too much within this article, but we can say that the powers-that-be have spoken, and this EWF event is on their radar for bigger things to come.

Some of EWF’s brightest stars will be competing in the star-studded event featuring, Trailer King.

Trailer King, known to peers and family as Joe Mathews, is quite the local hero. A professional for the county of Riverside, Joe not only entertains children and families within the EWF squared circle, he helps them as part of his profession and passion outside the ring.

The EWF Banning family fun event will be headlined by what could prove to be one of EWF’s greatest fatal four-way matches in company history. In the match, CJ Tino will climb through the ropes to battle it out with tag team partner, The Breeze, J2 Matiolli, and Gatson. Other matches will feature, Trailer King vs Antonio Rivers. A returning Richie Slade vs. Noah. SoCal Crazy vs. Bad Wolf, and Ray Malvado vs. Black Metal.

The event is the perfect ending to a weekend. Doors will open promptly at 5pm where the action will rage for the following three hours. Food, beverages, and professional wrestling merchandise including WWE superstar action figures will be available. General admission for ages 13 and up is $20, and kids under the age of 12, $10. Tickets can be purchased either at the event, by calling (909) 886-5201, or by visiting the EWF website at:

Punch your ticket for the hottest local event during the month of March madness. It’s a night of family fun, action, and excitement that makes history and wants you to be a part of it.

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