By Raymond Bill

When it comes to dining out in the valley, the rules have completely changed! In a customer-centric community driven by competition, we constantly seek something unique in our dining selection; we desire an experience that appeals to all senses. Many local restaurants can produce a great meal and great service; however, there has always been something lacking, until now! Partners, Michael Fietsam and David Horgen have created such a venue in PS Underground, an exclusive, underground wandering supper club that truly leaves the guests in awe.
Guests that are fortunate enough to reserve a seat at one of these events have no idea what they are about to experience as the details are not available in advance. The menu is available upon arrival and the location is emailed to guests between 24 and 48 hours in advance. Having been invited to attend a couple PS underground events, I assure you they will not disappoint! Each event is unique unto itself and the menu is carefully planned to not only enhance their theme, but also accommodate diners’ dietary needs.
Here is how it works. First, you must visit and enter your information and reservation request. You will then be privy to upcoming events and information about PS Underground. Once you have requested your seat(s) at the community table(s), you will receive a response via email of your confirmation. Then you wait until a day or two before the event to discover where you will be dining. The locations may change but the accessibility will always be easy. Whether you are dining in a residence or a warehouse, it will be spectacular. As you arrive, you will enjoy a cocktail reception with passed appetizers. The dining room will remain closed as anticipation climaxes. This allows for guests to get to know each other as they will all dine together and share the experience of PS Underground.
Finally, the doors open and guests are ushered to their seats in a grand, lavishly decorated dining room. You will not see attention to detail at this level in any of our local restaurants. Guests do not receive service from a waiter, rather they are entertained by performance artists! Each course is announced and presented in a manner that can only be described as artistic. A full course gourmet meal paired with fine wines and great conversation are sure to be enjoyed by all at this one of a kind event.
I cannot tell you much about their upcoming event as it is still kept secret, but I have been told it will be quite impressive. Extravagant service techniques usually offered when preparing Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster, are to be expected by their Performance Artists, and lighting and sound effects by Bruce Feagle Productions are sure to illuminate the atmosphere as well as the guests faces as they enjoy this upcoming event simply called “Spectrum”.
“Spectrum” is scheduled for July 12 & 13 and will likely return for encore dining events based on demand. This is one of many dining experiences you will not want to miss. Learn more about PS Underground by visiting their website as well as their Facebook page.