Produced  By Tiar’a Literary & Illustration

There’s a new star rising upon the Coachella Valley, poised and ready to cast its Hollywood glitz, glamour, and superior high-end production entertainment mastery, upon any business that wishes to bask in the LIMELIGHT.

Four years ago, the way we as consumers shopped for products and businesses was forever altered due to our then, temporary state-of-being. During that time, we were forced to stay home and in-such, consume more media content than at any other in recent history. Hollywood anticipated this “new world” in which content, more specifically “entertainment”, would reign as king decades ago. As early as the 1980’s, major motion pictures [that’s movies for you young kids], were implementing heavy-duty marketing campaigns neatly embedded within their “entertainment” products. Truthfully, modern movies, and TV shows are all long-form commercials used to sell you a product, business, or idea.

Nowadays, large numbers of young and mature people with cell phones are under the misconception that they understand the highly-complex, highly-talented, highly-competitive, highly-specialized, and highly-volatile world of publicity, branding, and creative production. This is due to the overabundance and overuse of social media. The reality is, only a select few qualified individuals truly grasp how this business really works – and there is far more to it than just social media.


Publicizing a business or individual is a specialized craft that requires artistically inclined individuals, first and foremost. Secondly, these masters of the creative arts, production and entertainment industry must be able to organically develop, brand, and exploit a product or business without spending months or years doing so and maintain it consistently. A true creative producer must also host an advance level of whit, energy, and knowledge of production and entertainment. It’s not as simple as many believe, and without the “artist” and “entertainment”, no amount of education or social media tools will ever get the job done right. Do not be fooled, as many businesses do, into utilizing your employee(s) whom are not professionally skilled in the art of originating consistent Hollywood-style entertainment masterpieces.

Fortunately, businesses and budding businesses within the Coachella Valley no longer need to rely upon staff attempting to fill the publicity role within the company that they are most certainly not qualified to oversee.

Combining a wealth of experience from on and off-screen international journalism, Hollywood film and television development and production, to graphic design, art, literature, and brokering business deals, CALIFORNIA LIMELIGHT makes its Coachella Valley debut!

This is an opportunity to catapult your business above the rest and into the limelight amidst celebrity guests, comedy, competitions, and more importantly, advanced creative expressions of advertising your business and personality.

For information, contact series creator/producer/co-host, Will at 442.637.6849 or
producer/co-host Emir at 310.467.1117 – Step through the curtain and into the LIMELIGHT!

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