By Aimee Mosco

“Before we choose in incarnate in a physical body, we lay out an intricate plan of what we intend to accomplish and experience during the lifetime.” Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, pg. 13

The responsibility your soul agreed to take on while you are here in a body is to learn as much as you possibly can in relation to your soul lessons. This is your main purpose. All human objectives take a backseat to this one because what you learn while you are here you will carry with you in your divine memories until the end of time. The importance and effect of your growth reaches far beyond the expiration of your body.

While the major intersections of your journey were crafted by the higher parts of you in an effort to keep you in alignment with the completion of your soul mission, the details of lesser importance were loosely planned and subject to change.


Why were major events planned and the others not?

 The framework of your life was carefully crafted by your Higher Wisdom to provide a structure for spiritual growth. Your soul, however, measures success using a different scale than your ego. Often times when you feel like you have failed, you have not failed at all because there was great value to your soul in the experience of the perceived failure. The important thing to keep in mind is that your soul knows no such thing as failure. There is only opportunity for growth with each new step.

There are so many ways to learn and potential outcomes associated with the loosely planned events of life depend heavily on the choices you make with freewill at the helm. You, in all of your humanness, get to spread your wings and experiment through choice. Just as you can choose to focus your attention on what you lack or the darkness of any situation, you can alternatively choose to focus your attention on what you have and goodness. That part is completely up to you. Either way, you will grow.

As your consciousness expands and you become aware that your experiences are not a series of random events glued together with luck (good or bad), you can take comfort in knowing there is a plan. Your soul has done the heavy lifting on your behalf and laid out a journey in which you can safely put your faith. The variable is how you will choose to color that journey.   

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