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On the other side of Christmas, most individuals can think of nothing more enjoyable than a brief, or long period of rest and relaxation. The holidays are one of the busiest and chaotic times of the year. Shopping for gifts, food, wrapping gifts, and preparing of food – not to mention hosting of the traditional Christmas meal, leaves most exhausted.

With the added movement and running around during holiday season, oftentimes, pain or joint discomfort go undetected. During these periods of high-stress, adrenaline is released more abundantly throughout the body, and adrenaline can make us feel as though we have little or no pain at all. However, when we sit down and take a “rest”, and the adrenaline stops pumping, pain from medical conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory pain rears their ugly presence.


Arthritis is a condition in which joints swell and become tender, which causes pain and stiffness.  These typically worsen with age. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, and the most common clinical descriptions of the condition are osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Treatments vary depending on the degree of arthritis the patient is suffering with, but there is hope …

If you want to “feel better and live longer” then you would make a wise investment leading into the New Year by taking a few minutes to read the remainder of this column, and consider a $100 consultation visit with the Coachella Valley’s leader of Holistic healthcare, DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

For close to three decades, Dr. Johnson has served as the brains behind the brawn of Desert Longevity Institute. Dr. Johnson’s tenure as a master health practitioner extends far beyond his clinic’s existence and boasts a lifespan of close to 45 years. Dr. Johnson has been involved with, and has witnessed more health and wellness transformations than he has sunrises and sunsets. He has been affectionately referred to as – “the doctor of last hope”.

“Q&A with DR. JOHNSON” allows readers to write Dr. Johnson and ask health-related questions. Dr. Johnson will answer questions in the order they are received, but nothing is more productive than scheduling a consult with Dr. Johnson in-person at DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

This week’s question comes from local resident, Bettie. Bettie, thank you for taking the time to write us.

Bettie asks:

“Dr. Johnson, my name is Bettie, and I am 64 years old. I have tried many pain management medications for arthritis and other joint pain for roughly five years but don’t feel any significant improvement. What is your advice for anyone suffering from arthritis and joint pain? Thank you.

Dr. Johnson replies:

“Dear Bettie,

There are several options that can be helpful for arthritis patients. First on the list is diet. It is very important to avoid the following: sugar, starch, standard commercial cooking oils, as well as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Each of these items promote inflammation of the joints.

You should eat healthy fats such as coconut, olives, avocado, and organic grass-fed butter. (standard butter is a toxic waste dump and should be avoided).

Fish oil has well-recognized anti-inflammatory benefits but it needs to be top quality. Regular fish oil is usually contaminated with heavy metals. A special type of fish oil with even more anti-inflammatory benefits is a supplement called “SPM ACTIVE”.

One of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories is a supplement called, “CARBON 60”. If you only have one or two arthritic joints you can apply Carbon 60 topically to those joints / usually 4-6 drops daily depending on the size of the joint. If you have multiple arthritic joints, it may be easier to take one dropperful by mouth twice daily. Carbon 60 is safe and has no side effects.

The more of these types of interventions you implement to your regime the better.

To your good health!

Dr. Johnson

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