As we snowball into the winter season, it’s advisable to ensure that our immune systems are functioning optimally to stave off pesky winter colds and flus. Now more than perhaps the spring or summer months, everyone wants to remain fit and healthy if they are to fully, albeit, optimally enjoy the holidays. Kicking off the festivities is Thanksgiving, followed by a healthy serving of Christmas, then a dessert-bowl sized New Year’s.

Considering the above, anyone wanting to feel better, and indeed “live longer” would make a wise investment by taking a few minutes to read this column, and consider a $100 consultation visit at the Coachella Valley’s leading Holistic healthcare center, DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Johnson has been the heartbeat of Desert Longevity Institute cradled amidst the bustling charm of gorgeous El Paseo, in Palm Desert. Dr. Johnson’s tenure as a master practitioner of health extends beyond his clinic’s existence with a lifespan of close to 45 years as a medical professional. Dr. Johnson has been involved with, and has witnessed more health and wellness transformations than he has sunrises and sunsets. He has been affectionately referred to as – “the doctor of last hope”.


“Q&A with DR. JOHNSON” is a column that allows readers the unique and exclusive opportunity to write Dr. Johnson and ask health-related questions. Dr. Johnson will answer questions in the order in which they are received, but there is nothing more productive when taking care of your health than by scheduling a consult with Dr. Johnson in-person at DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

This week’s question comes from local resident, Jennifer. Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to write us.

Jennifer asks:

“Dr. Johnson, is it true that Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant and anti-aging supplement there is? If so, what is the difference between Glutathione in contrast to say, stem cell, or HGH therapy?

Dr. Johnson replies:

“Dear Jennifer, Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant that the human body can produce internally. Most antioxidants must be obtained from an outside source, such as food or supplements. The best example of this is vitamin C. Without it, human beings would die. However, we can only obtain vitamin C from an outside source.

As we age, we tend to produce less and less glutathione and so outside supplementation is highly effective. However, Glutathione is poorly absorbed by the body when taken by mouth. Therefore, intravenous administration is considerably more effective. Other antioxidants such as “Greska’s Carbon 60” are also highly potent and effective.

Stem cells can be given to promote healing in specific areas (e.g.) to improve arthritis in a bad knee. HGH therapy can be thought of as the fountain of youth and strength hormone. Many patients say they feel 10-20 years younger.  

If you combine Glutathione with stem cell and HGH therapy you have all the pieces of the puzzle that in-turn help optimize health and wellness.

I hope this helps with your health and wellness journey Jennifer.

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