You have heard it said perhaps: Sleep is vital to optimal health. However, we are aware that some people can function well on very little sleep. Yet, this is not common and is not advisable. You may be able to get away with little sleep for some time, or when you are young, but rest assured, sleep will come to collect at some point.

For most adults, eight hours of sleep is the daily recommendation to remain fit and healthy. When you are sleep deprived, don’t expect to be in a good mood. Don’t expect to be strong in the gym. Don’t expect to feel motivated, passionate, retain information, be focused, or regular – We must address the elephant in the room.

Sleep is natural and it works wonders to enhance our bodies functions. From metabolism, to skin and hair, to muscle mass, to immune system regulation and so forth. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you ensure your sleep is priority. Remember: Most of the world sleeps at night. You’re not missing out on anything important.


There are rudimentary ways to help your body get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sunlight, fresh air, getting enough exercise, and of course staying away from computers, cell phones, and or working late at night. Yet, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other variables involved when curing sleep issues, and in this week’s column, the leader of Holistic Healthcare, “the doctor of last resort”, Dr. Johnson addresses the topic.

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For nearly three decades, Dr. Johnson has served as the heartbeat of Desert Longevity Institute on
El Paseo, in Palm Desert. Dr. Johnson’s tenure as a master practitioner of health extends beyond his clinic’s existence with a lifespan of close to 45 years. Dr. Johnson has been involved with, and has witnessed more health and wellness transformations than he has sunrises and sunsets. He has been affectionately referred to as – “the doctor of last hope”.

“Q&A with DR. JOHNSON” is a column that allows readers the unique opportunity to write
Dr. Johnson and ask health-related questions. Dr. Johnson will answer questions in the order in which they are received, but there is nothing more productive when taking care of your health than by scheduling a consult with Dr. Johnson in-person at DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

This week’s question comes from local resident, Paul. Paul, thank you for taking the time to write us.

Paul asks:

“Dear Dr. Johnson, I have recently had some trouble staying asleep at night and would like to know if you have any suggestions that might help me. Thank you doctor”.

Dr. Johnson replies:

“Dear Paul,  

Sleep is critically important to overall health, so this is certainly important to address.

My number one suspect here is an undiagnosed low thyroid condition (hypothyroid). Unfortunately, with standard thyroid blood tests, many cases of hypothyroidism are missed, so state-of-the-art testing is essential.

Next, low melatonin (the sleep hormone) is a real possibility if you’re over the age of 30. Over-the-counter melatonin is very unpredictable so you should try pharmaceutical grade melatonin. Start with 3mg and if that doesn’t do the trick, experiment with higher doses (up to a maximum of 10 mg).

The hormone progesterone can also play a role in insomnia for some women, so if you were a female, your progesterone level should be checked.

Rounding out the top four suspects is the mineral magnesium. Most Americans are deficient in this mineral so taking magnesium at bedtime can be very helpful.

If your insomnia is related to stress, then stress management, especially yoga, meditation and exercise can also be helpful.

To your good health!”

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