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Summertime has officially washed ashore our gorgeous golden California coastline. As the Palm trees sway gently in the breeze we are getting outside and lapping up all the vitamin D necessary to help us glow inside and out. But word to the wise – If you spend more than twenty minutes per day in direct Southern California sun, apply non-toxic sunscreen. It’s wonderful to have healthy vitamin D levels, which helps prevent autoimmune conditions as well as other infirmities from invading our bodies. However, caution – too much sun can become the cause of an unhealthy level of vitamin D. This can at times lead to vitamin D toxicity, and of course, a blistering sunburn. I think we all agree it would be better to avoid the dangers of overexposure and monitor outdoor sweltering sunshine and continue to reap its charge of vibrant energy.

Many within our sunshine state’s health-conscious community will assuredly know that when the outside weather could leave bread like blackened toast, or an egg fried to perfection on a sidewalk, our bodies tend to excrete more sweat than usual. This, our bodies do to protect and keep us from overheating. If we did not excrete sweat then our bodies would end up like a car lacking coolant – another no-no, whatever the weather.


With summertime heat comes a flare that blazes an unhealthy loss of vitamins, such as
C and B, minerals such as zinc and iron – electrolytes; such as potassium and magnesium. These are elements that our body cannot do without, and when in short supply can become the root cause for a plethora of health complications, and even fatality.

To combat this summertime inevitability, a therapy that has and is becoming all the hotter with each passing season is Vitamin IV Therapy. For those who may not be aware of its concept allow us the opportunity to hydrate you with its basic understanding.

Vitamin IV Therapy is designed to optimally deliver vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes directly into the body in their purest form. This ensures greater levels of absorption and benefits felt within minutes. Over-the-counter, and pharmaceutical grade supplements, which we all should by now have grown to love, do inject our bodies with a healthy dose of these vital little health helpers. However, supplements are not always absorbed by the body as with IV therapy, and results are certainly not felt right away.

When I first heard about Vitamin IV Therapy, I admit that I was skeptical. Who wants to have a small needle prodded into the back of their hand that is attached to a small plastic bag containing fluid that hangs on a five-foot tall rollable metal pole. It’s not exactly the imagery that depicts a perfect dream. Couple that with having to sit still for a period in a medical facility while the IV drips its therapy directly into your body – I was a little apprehensive to say the least. However, once the procedure began with nothing more than a slight prick on the back of my hand, I was gently eased into a relaxed state aided by the knowledge that this treatment would directly and accurately fuel my body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needed to bring me back to optimal clarity, focus, and elevated levels of energy. Especially, after losing all those vital nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes to heat and sun exposure.

That’s one thing about a glorious light in the sky, but I’m not talking about the sun. It’s the DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE shield. Much like Marvel Comic’s Batman, who displays his shield in the sky over Gotham City to signify that help is on the way. Desert Longevity Institute shines its beacon boldly for all to know that rejuvenation, optimal health, and anti-aging is never too far from reach – and they do accept insurances and Medicare.

Vitamin IV Therapy helps rejuvenate your body with a healthy dose of vitamins, essential fluids, electrolytes (which are vitally important during hot summer months) and antioxidants, vital for eliminating free-radicals that cause aging, and heavy metal toxins. Administering the perfect blend of these elements leaves you feeling sudden relief from various health conditions. Customized IV Therapies are available such as B-12, high dose vitamin C, glutathione, NAD + and more. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact the epitome of anti-aging and well-being that the desert has to offer – DESERT LONGEVITY INSTITUTE.

Dr. Johnson, often referred to as the “doctor of last resort”, has assisted patients nurture their health back to – or for the first time, optimal. Dr. Johnson’s extensive knowledge and medical experience as a physician for over forty years, is the reason that he, and his clinic are synonymous with our beautiful Coachella Valley’s thriving health community.

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