by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show

This has been one wild and wacky year in college football and with that said, perhaps that’s exactly what the powers that be behind the BCS were looking for…..parody, upsets and constant change has been the only seeming constant this season as every week creates another shake-up in the polls and another realignment of the power rankings.
Along the way we have also learned of and been promised now (a few years away still, however) of a true, playoff scenario for the national championship rather than the current BCS system that we have griped about now for the last many years so that, hopefully, all of these terrible miscarriages of justice can be handled on the field and eliminate some of the grey areas and talking points that have been left because of it. That said, this season has been like any other I can remember in years……and years!
USC began the year as a pre-season #1, with a Heisman favorite Quarterback in Matt Barkley who forwent the riches of the NFL (for at least twelve more months) to come back to SC and lead the to another illustrious national championship. They now end the season unranked and are just hoping to be invited to a Bowl game of any kind so that Barkley’s last game is not remembered as having stood on the sidelines of the Coliseum in street clothes, watching his understudy lose to current #1 Notre Dame as he was injured the week previous. Who’d have thunk it?….and who would have thought that SC would actually end the year ranked below UCLA, Stanford and even little San Diego State?
Meantime, conference championship games could have an impact on the national championship game in that Alabama takes on Georgia with the winner seemingly perched to take on Notre Dame in the BCS final game. That leaves the loser of that game on the outside looking in with both Florida and Oregon as to “what could have been”. Oh, and what about Ohio State? They’re undefeated and although they are currently on a one-year probation and not Bowl eligible this season, in any other year we would have an even greater debate! Seems like this would have been the perfect season for that six team playoff, doesn’t it?
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