FREE Leadership Training for Our Valley’s Middle School Girls: September 20th @ Miramonte Resort and Spa, Indian Wells

By Lisa Morgan

Award winning news reporter, Bianca Rae, didn’t take it lightly when she noticed the trend of young girls crowding around her while on location covering news stories for KESQ. She felt a deep sense of responsibility. “I am very proud and grateful that I started getting involved on the path toward my passion when I was young. I am blessed I had that guidance at a young age. If you start young, you have more time to accomplish everything you set out to do. I want to be part of helping young girls get on the right path when they are young, at this molding stage of their lives.” More than words, this young woman of action has founded her own non-profit organization and is inviting Coachella Valley middle school girls from all three districts, to a free all day event in hopes of giving them some of the same guidance that has helped her on the road to a successful career and life.

Bianca moved to the desert for her first job, fresh out of Missouri State, with KESQ. From the very start, she involved herself with local charities and fundraising. Most specifically, her efforts have been focused in partnership with Loving All Animals, where she adopted her beloved dog, Jack. She was instrumental in finding homes for over 200 animals displaced from the Indio shelter when it was shut down. “I think it’s easy to promote charities from this platform,” Rae shared. “I think you should. I have learned a lot about working with non-profits, especially from working with Loving All Animals. The Bianca Rae Foundation just received 5013c approval, and I look forward to working alongside the other local charities here in the desert for the greater good.”

This month, the Bianca Rae Foundation working in conjunction with KESQ/CBS will host the Rae of Hope Retreat at the Miramonte in Indian Wells. It will be a day of break out groups where middle school girls can learn about health, wellness, beauty and leadership. “I’ve been thinking that I should honor the fact that these girls put us on a pedestal and use that as a platform to give them inspiration, influence and direction,” shared Rae. “Perhaps if young girls hear about morals, values and life lessons from others who are successful and carry a bit of celebrity status, it will resonate more with them than the other kinds of advice they might be getting from peers or other more negative influences,” she stated passionately. “If they hear about how we take care of ourselves, from the simple things like washing your face every night, what you put in your body, to getting involved in your community, maybe we can help set them on a path to happy and fulfilled lives.”


“I’ve cut a lot of mistakes out of my life due to what I’ve learned at retreats like this one. I learned about respecting myself, being respected by my peers and elders, and how these things would get me much further in life. I want these girls to know that the younger you start, the better you’ll do. I’m still fairly young, but I’ve always had a clear focus. It’s about setting yourself apart from the crowd. To be irreplaceable, you have to be different. And I don’t want them to just be told, I want them to be shown.”

The Free retreat will be held at the Miramonte Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, Saturday, September 20th, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Other anchors and reporters from KESQ will be present to speak as well. You can register at Space is limited, so register right away if you are interested. For more information about the event, go to