by Noe Gutierrez

Randy Caserta is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer from Palm Desert. His most recent release, Long Stories Short, is soon to be released. In describing the album, Caserta attests, “It’s an album that’s a heavy, melodic, high energy rock ‘n’ roll ride that’s both radio ready and original.”

The first single, “Living Hell,” placed first runner up in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. The contest boasts judges including, Bono, Faith Hill, and Dave Grohl. Caserta is no ‘flash in the pan’; he was also the first runner up in the 2009 and 2010 competitions.

Caserta grew up in a musical environment. His family listened to popular music and encouraged him to pursue his passion. There was only one problem, as Caserta shares, “Their music was never hard enough.” This desire for a more heavy and driving sound destined Caserta to the inextinguishable sound of hard rock.



Caserta, the self-taught guitarist who plays by ear, has inhabited the Coachella Valley since 1994. In the spring of 1995, Caserta formed Barflys, a local cover band that included such desert luminaries as Chad Cancino, Rob Martinez, Eric Buchanon, Mike Cancino, Rob Pickett, and Mondo Flores to name a few. Caserta describes his time in Barflys as simply, “Doing songs that we all enjoy.” Barflys continue to perform in various incarnations as opportunity and time permits.


In November of 1997, Caserta left for Sacramento to collaborate on a musical project with Frank Hannon and Brian Wheat of Tesla. Upon returning, Caserta reignited Barflys and developed into a self-produced solo artist.


Recorded at Bitter Sands Studios by Arthur Seay (House of Broken Promises, Unida), Long Stories Short includes the drumming prowess of Benny Cancino (Kyle Turley Band, InVitro). Both long time friends of Caserta, both Seay and Cancino’s involvement in the recording are sure to provide Caserta with instant rock cred. Caserta is taken aback by the response from the music community, “The momentum behind this record is better than expected.” A quote from the record label A&R characterizes Caserta’s music legitimately, “His music is a striking impact of memorable riffs, melodies and just pure rock muscle.” After listening to the album, it is this writer’s assessment that it’s chocked full of energy and hard rock with a modern vibe. The strengths of the album lie with Caserta’s unmistakable guitar playing. It’s not a coincidence that Caserta is a Randy Rhoads enthusiast. They share first names and distinguishable guitar styles.


Caserta encourages others who pursue their passion for music by stating, “You have to have your own style to have an identity. If music is what you do and you’re being true to yourself about it, just keep going and ignore everything else that’s to the left or the right.”


Songs to check out:

Living Hell, It Won’t Be Long, Seeing Stars


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