By Craig Michaels

As a minority of people who were born and raised in the Coachella Valley, Rebecca Luna savors her roots as a lifelong resident of Cathedral City. Currently attending College of the Desert and working at the school run radio station KCOD, Luna was influenced at an early age by her parents. She was exposed to different genres of music by both her mother and father, “My mother collected multiple compilation albums and movie soundtracks from past decades that I listened to as frequently as possible for hours at home. My father was a party DJ and radio intern who owned a collection of 1000+ records and also had a passion for the creative arts,” explains Luna.

One of her biggest memories as a child was MTV which would spark and ultimately fuel her passion for music and broadcasting. Luna explains why the music television channel continues to be an inspiration,” Being an MTV VJ, was one of my first important dreams that influenced dozens more dreams alike as a child and still currently does!”

After taking a 12 year hiatus, Luna decided to go back to College of the Desert and enroll in a broadcasting class. Her passion for the Oregon Ducks originally sent her down the path of becoming a sports broadcaster. That would all change once she began to immerse herself in the college run radio station, KCOD. Luna was one of the original students present for the inauguration of the school run station. Two and a half years after beginning her job at KCOD she is still growing and exploring her options in the broadcasting and communication world.


As the head staff member, Luna’s official title is event coordinator and promotions person. Her job duties include but are not limited to, securing media credentials for live broadcasts, coordinating fun contests for listeners and helping to promote the station in an effort to create awareness to students and Valley residents. Luna also gives some credit to one of her mentors and former KESQ news anchor, Laurilie Jackson who currently teaches a radio and television class at COD, “With her broadcasting knowledge and her faith in us students, she gives me inspiration to keep going,” confesses Luna.

Recently, KCOD has added the station tag line “The Pulse” to its name. You can hear the eclectic variety of music hosted by local personalities Monday through Friday from 8am to 10pm only during school semesters. Their frequency of 100.1 FM can be heard on campus but the lack of a proper tower prevents it from going any further. You can hear the station worldwide on the internet at

Luna continues to relish her position at the station for now and is still fascinated with the “behind the scenes” action of how events are put together and ran. Her ultimate dream is to host a music countdown show or an entertainment show on a major cable network. Being blessed with an outgoing and ambitious personality the transition from jumping in front of the camera rather than staying behind the scenes should be an easy one for her.

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Written by: Craig Michaels
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