A Beloved Tradition in the Coachella Valley Music Scene is Ending

By Esther Sanchez

For the past 6 years, Thursday nights at The Amigo Room in the Ace Hotel and Swim Club have been an oasis of top-notch music and the chillest of vibes in an intimate environment. ¡Reunión! was the brainchild of one of my favorite local boys who made it big, Damien Beebe. Beebe who goes by the professional moniker, DJ Day, has in recent years worked his way to a level of international success and acclaim in his field, but anyone who knows him knows that his heart is proudly rooted in the desert. The decision to wrap up his weekly sessions at the Ace was a difficult one to make and solely his.

Beebe: “I’ve actually been with Ace since the very first day they opened, so 7 years total. I was DJing Sundays by the pool for the first year and they had an opening for Thursday nights. I always wanted to do a weekly nighttime party and I knew Ace would give me the freedom to be “me” so I ran with it. I just felt it was time for me to move on to something new. I love the Ace and this was entirely my decision, but I’m ready to focus fulltime on my own music again.”

Seeing as how the venue itself has been a hotel, there have of course always been a lot of out-of-towners in attendance at ¡Reunión!, but the handfull of times over the years that I showed up, I could not help but notice the familial atmosphere of many faithful locals who see Thursday nights at the Amigo Room as their ritual stomping-ground. I asked DJ Day what he will miss the most about his weekly gig.


Beebe: “The camaraderie and seeing good folks week after week. There was always a lot of love that permeated those nights and that’s one thing I’ll definitely miss. And being able to play everything from Fela Kuti and Slum Village to New Order and Ron Hardy all in a single night. I could probably write a book on all the crazy stuff I’ve seen over the years, but the best times have been random nights where everyone is on the same vibe and really locked in together almost spiritually through the music. Those nights usually end up with me on the mic drunkenly singing along with the whole room until the lights come on. Good times.”

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The final ¡Reunión! is taking place on March 31st and will no doubt be bitter-sweet for DJ Day, the good people who run the Ace Hotel and the faithful family of party people who have made it the success that it has been.

Beebe: “I just want to send an enormous thank you to everyone who’s ever made it out, all of our regulars and past guests and without a doubt, my man Aimlo who’s been a part of ¡Reunión! with me since the first night. It’s been an experience I will never forget and I’m thankful to the Ace and everyone who’s supported to help make it the longest running weekly party in Palm Springs history. I will miss you all.”

Feeling the need to focus on upcoming projects, Beebe will also be taking a hiatus from his typically busy tour schedule. However, for those who find themselves fiending for their fix of funk, Beebe will be continuing with, “Highlife,” his monthly party at Ace on the last Saturday of every month.


  • Photo By Robert Winter

  • Photo By Iggy Gonzalez

  • Photo By Iggy Gonzalez