by Lisa Morgan

“I love these guys,” said lead singer, Bradley Ryan, for the band Drop Nine that headlined the show at The Hood Bar last Saturday night. “Right On Right On is what would happen if you put the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the band Fish in a blender and added a shot of Happy. They are a very cool group of guys.” The Hood crowd agreed. The four piece band consisting of all local born and schooled musicians, were successful in capturing the attention and fan favor of all those in attendance last Saturday night, both on and off the stage. Right On Right On is Adam Gainey, on lead vocals, guitar and bass; John Quinn on lead guitar; Ben Crowson on drums and “awesomeness’ with the recent and seriously cool addition of Adam’s younger brother, Wes Gainey on synth and bass. Together these guys deliver music that cannot really be pigeon holed into a specific genre. At their very core, they are a jam band that grew from a simple but strong blues/rock foundation and developed into an eclectic power posse with a magic bag of original tunes that could fill an average work day with overtime. If there was a ska/funk/blues/rock chart, these guys would be on it and owning it.

According to their spokesman, bagman and beat master, Ben, “This band was born out of the tireless, workaholic minds of two employees of the mega-corporation-giant that is the Ernie Ball Music and String Making Emporium in Coachella.” Needing only a drummer to complete the three sided perfect triangle, these two turned to the most talented (only) drummer they could find. When the smoke finally cleared, and they finally settled on a name, Right On, Right On was birthed to the world. May God have mercy on your minds because they will be blown…away…. or apart…. you get what I’m driving at. AND THEN THERE WAS WES!! “Wes Gainey is our new synth/bass/melodica player. The nepotism is ripe within this band.” Further displaying the personality and sharing the influences of this group of players, he added, “Adam loves anything by either Hall or Oates, but nothing by them together. John likes early 70’s Muppets (don’t ask), and Ben is a huge Beyonce fan (just not of her music).”

Solid in all aspects of their playing and performing, vocally and instrumentally, the band’s recent addition of Wes on his Korg MicroKorg and Music Man Bongo 4 bass sweetly sets them apart and adds something unique to their wide blend of traditional and non-traditional influences. Not only does the additional bass fatten up the already big sound, but the note bending, tastefully played synth parts bring a sonically refreshing, surreal element that adds to the depth and the fun factor of this band’s super positive, creative on-stage vibe. Then there’s the lead guitar, the one element that takes a band from average to worth following. The young lead guitarist, John Quinn, plays with the heart and hands of an old soul while keeping his licks and overall sound very unexpected and fresh. The overall musicality of this band is legitimate, but above and beyond that, they have something that many bands find themselves lacking after years of playing – pure joy. “This band really came together over campfires and barbeques. We just enjoy hanging with each other and playing with each other, and I think our live shows emit that energy,” said Ben, whose lighthearted wit turned serious as he spoke of his deep respect and love for his brother players.


Right On Right On is yet further testimony to the desert’s growing and intensely talented music scene. They will be an inspiring band to watch develop over the next year. If you’re needing an infusion of pure musical rock and roll joy, the boys of Right On Right On are your source. Watch for upcoming shows on their Facebook and website pages: and