“As a child, I had always dreamed of being a DJ. I’ve loved music since my first record player and 45 record collections at the age of 6,” Robb recalls. Growing up on Staten Island in New York, Robb’s love of music was first fed by taking piano lessons as a young child. He would later find his passion when he began playing DJ at all the family parties. As a teenager, Rob admitted to sneaking out of his Parents house to go clubbing late at night where he would dance the night away and learn all the new music. Robb is one of the few entertainers who were given a nice sounding DJ name at birth. Rob Roberts is actually his real name but he thought having two B’s in his first name would give it more of a showbiz feel.

At 22, Robb had just graduated from design school and was designing kitchens and bathrooms while at the same time, working weekends in a Staten Island Disco as a bartender. Rob’s boss at the club would frequently ask him to jump in the DJ booth and play music and would eventually spend time teaching him how to beat mix songs. This was the beginning of his DJ career which would lead to him Djing full time in other clubs and working mobile DJ gigs around New York. “I was also networked with many DJ’s and worked their gigs when not working my own,” Robb emphasizes.
Robb continued to expand his music knowledge while playing hundreds of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, sweet 16’s and high school reunions. After 25 years of DJing, Robb has learned how to entertain all types of crowds playing everything from Big Band and Britney Spears to Salsa and Show Tunes. Besides knowing how to manipulate a room through music, Robb also prides himself on being a New Yorker with a great personality.
Five years ago, Robb came out to the Coachella Valley to Visit his parents and fell in love with the Desert. He has decided to make it his home for now while he continues to pursue his DJ career. Robb tries to squeeze in an occasional mobile job when he can but has been lucky enough to land a steady gig four nights a week at the Street Bar in Palm Springs. You can catch Robb every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday playing everything from Retro music to Show Tunes and Top 40, all on video. Another local hang out Robb spins at every other Friday is Wang’s In the Desert.
Future plans for Robb include learning to remix music and produce his own material while advancing as a high energy night club DJ. He also plans on exploring the world of event promotions for special events.
If you would like to contact Robb for your events you can e-mail him at: robb@djrobbroberts.com

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
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