A musical Review Produced By Troupe Productions in association with Kim and Jim Productions, The Edge, Live It Up Productions Trini Garza. Now showing at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Palm Springs.

By DJ RJ Taylor

Wowzer! We have not had this kind of action in Palm Springs since 1925.

This show is Hot, Hot, Hot!

It was fun that the flappers and dappers were interacting with the audience before the show even started, making the public feel included in their party. The energy, costumes, music and superb voices were a great surprise. The live band, perfect choreography by Ray Garcia, and lighting worked together in setting the mood. As Gatsby said “I love big parties. They’re so intimate.”


They really hit their mark in drawing the audience in and delivering an ambiance that made you feel you were back in time at a speak easy. Silhouettes created by the lighting added so much to the show and it was remarkable how simple the stage was set and yet they achieved layers of entertainment all over the stage.

My hat is off to the choreographer. The synergy between the cast members was a marvel to behold. I could tell that the audience was catching their joyous enthusiasm. The show is perfectly timed to lure you and get you dancing in your seat. Very Sexy.

The depiction of the 20’s was right on, however they did also include a modern spin with renditions of current music reworked to the style of the show.
“Rockin The Gatsby” is a great example of the growth that is turning Palm Springs into a place of art, culture, and a force to be reckoned with. This is a show that visitors must attend and locals will love.

Trini Garza has raised the entertainment bar high and now he has truly brought Broadway quality to the desert.

You can catch the last two shows February 28th and March 1st at 8pm in downtown Palm Springs. Tickets are $45.00. Dinner package $75.00


DJ RJ Taylor (TheDesert411)