By Rick Riozza

Tell her you care each time you speak/ Make her your Valentine each day of the week/
Bring her nice things, sugar and wine things/ Rosés and Lollipops and Lollipops and Rosés.

Literary license is always part of the wine game. How many tunes, sayings, and jingles do we always hum a re-work in wine rhymes? As in “wine flies when you’re having fun” or “love the wine you’re with”. Maybe, “There’s a Riesling for everything”. Hey—we all do it!

Last week we searched out an exciting and sexy wine for the eternal day of love. This time we’re playing within the lines and discussing pink bubbly to pop on St. Valentine’s Day.


Spoiler Alert! There is a slew of rosés out in the market right now that are becoming boring to the taste. Many are simply one note of this red fruit or that, and some of the big time massive producers are just bottling as much as they can because it sells by the boat load. Here’s another one: “Life’s too short to drink insipid wine.” This week we’ll be recommending wine that will bring a smile and some love.

We’ll focus on presenting a wonderful Rosé Champagne or Sparkling wine to share with the one(s) you love. And we’ll keep it brief so we can include many of the best bubbly rosé for the money—and price ranges across the board. And thanks for the Vinepair staff for their notes:

By the way—Pink Prosecco is a fairly new phenomenon. Sure, the region has been making bubbly rosé for some time now, but it wasn’t until 2020 that they made it official with a DOC designation. Since then, an ocean of rosé from the Prosecco region has been flooding the markets. In Italian, these pink prosecs are called rosato—so if you see one when traveling in Italy, there you go. In the U.S., it’s Prosecco Rosé.

Josh Cellars Prosecco Rosé ($15) This Prosecco is exactly what it should be: very balanced and lean with minimal fruit and lively bubbles. If you’re in need of a thirst-quenching, bubbly, pink wine, then this is the bottle for you. It’s the definition of a crowd pleaser and is affordable enough to warrant buying a case or two.

Jeio (By Bisol) Prosecco Rosé DOC ($20) The sliced pear aroma of this Prosecco is complemented by a unique and welcome note of Parmigiano rind. The palate, balanced with harmonious fruit and bubbles, is bright and refreshing. This is a pleasant and fruity wine.

Le Contesse Pinot Noir Brut Rosé ($15) Sometimes, simplicity is best. This Venetian pink bubbly defines that. It is a mineral-driven wine with a good amount of natural acidity, and the palate is more about the slaking mouthfeel than it is about fruit depth. It’s structured and lively with an undeniable balance.

Acquesi Brachetto ($18) If you like Moscato, then you’ll love this bottle. The nose is all strawberries. On the palate, that note transforms into a soft, creamy, and sweet strawberry jam with lithe bubbles running around the glass to keep the wine extremely refreshing.

Mumm Napa Brut Rosé ($22) Extremely affordable and widely available, this wine is a gem. The nose is soft, while the palate has great balance with grippy, lively bubbles. It’s a great everyday American Sparkler for life’s most spontaneous moments.

Schramsberg Vineyards Mirabelle Brut Rosé ($32) This rosé from Schramsberg has a nose of strawberry coulis, a dusting of confectioners’ sugar, and a whisper grass. The palate has round fruit and tight bubbles, making for a very smooth mouthfeel.

J Vineyards Brut Rosé ($45) This rosé has a wonderful depth on the nose, where you’ll get classic notes of strawberries with a hint of orange peel. On the palate, soft bubbles, a balanced finish, and natural acidity keep things refreshing.

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé ($75) The Jouët family are not only winemakers, but botanists bringing their affinity with nature full circle — making wines with food in mind. On the nose, yeasty brioche dances with bright minerals, keeping the senses heightened. The palate is soft, with a concentration of natural acidity and playful bubbles giving structure to the palate.

Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Brut Rosé ($100) The nose on this California wine has a classic brioche note, but it does not overpower the aroma of heady fruit. The palate has soft bubbles winding through, as a slight hint of savory umami cleaves through the flavors of dark berries.

Krug Brut Rosé 25th Edition ($349) It’s been said that if most Champagnes are the appetizer, this Krug Brut Rose is the main course. This is the gift for the man who is not only head-over-heals over the gal but can’t think of anything except her! Of course she doesn’t even know the guy exists, but, this is the Champagne that will put him on her map.

It’s a deep and soulful wine that invites one to ponder life or simply sit back to enjoy. One critic said that this Krug bubbly is not for Valentine sweets, but for a bold gastronomic adventure. But hey! Love conquers all—enjoy!

The wine—an elegant, saturated salmon color—offers up fragrant aromas of strawberry, dried cranberry and grapefruit with lovely river stone currents running underneath. Practically jubilant bubbles carry a rush of bright, spicy red fruit—raspberry, red apple skin—layered with honeyed citrus, dried apricot and a hint of almond. There’s intensity here that lingers long on a dry finish, edged with a lovely hint of salinity like a gentle ocean wave.

And as to the Lollipops, check out Sweet Caroline Confections, Rosé Wine Lollipops Set of 10 $35.00 “Made with real delicious Rosé wine with hints of watermelon, strawberry and raspberry. The rose gold color sparkles throughout with gold edible glitter and rose gold foil.”

Keep them handy, wine and candy
Rosés and lollipops and lollipops and Rosés Love & Cheers!