Another year has nearly transpired.  Did you accomplish your goals?  Are you preparing for new ventures?  Are you strategizing how you can achieve your upcoming goals?  What would you like to do differently in the ensuing year?  If your answers are affirmative responses to the questions then keep on with your extraordinary work. 

When we set goals we can become the masterpiece we are meant to be.  Did you know  establishing goals and working towards them make us happier?  It does not matter the scope.  It is simply a matter of setting something in stone that you are willing to strive for and realize a result.  When you set a goal it can boost your self-confidence and increase your motivation.  Setting goals creates a sense of direction.  Isn’t it nice to know where you are going?  You must also determine your “why.”  Why, what, and how are you attempting to achieve your dreams? 

Initial goal setting is exhilarating.  You have big ideas and there isn’t any reason why you cannot achieve your dreams.  Now is the time to write them down on a piece of paper.  Once you have your goals in place I encourage you to evaluate what you have written. 


You must work SMART.  Some of you may have heard of this handy tool in goal setting. 

“S” translates being specific with your goals.  Get to the root of what you are attempting to obtain.  Have a clear vision.  Understand why, when and how you are going to arrive there.  Initiating a plan of action will jumpstart your success. 

“M” translates that your goals must be measurable.  If you want to lose weight, then you need to weigh yourself regularly to monitor what you are doing.  Tracking your progress will allow you to record your starting, middle and end points. 

“A” translates to attainment.  Your goal must be attainable.  Any goal should challenge you at least more than a little bit.  If you set a goal that is unattainable you may surrender prematurely or not give it a genuine chance.

“R” translates to realism.  In this circumstance realistic means do-able.  Any project you are working on may challenge your skills but should not be insurmountable.

“T” translates to time.  We can set goals all day long.  Without a time frame attached to your goal it is simply a thought.  Plus, you won’t feel a sense of urgency to accomplish your dreams. 

Enacting your masterpiece will require dedication.  Make sure you have a burning desire and take action.  Do not allow another day, week, month or year go by without giving your dreams everything you can.