I received an official looking Microsoft notice advising me the Microsoft 2FA Authentication Access expired SOON. Clicking the, “expiring in 72 hours” QR code, leads to a password request, AND identity theft or being held for ransom.

New QR codes scams embed malicious links, or files, within an innocent-looking QR code- that can be stickers that peel off. Scammers plant these codes in public places like parking lots, business cards, or within advertisements, hoping unsuspecting people will scan them out of curiosity. Once scanned, the code redirects to a fake website, impersonating a legitimate brand, or prompts the automatic download of malware onto the phone.


(865) 630-4266: A text warns, “Wells Fargo accounts were temporarily locked. ” Call the bank to unlock it.


(469) 709-7630: A loved one’s name, or their own, was mentioned for a failed delivery attempt. Text or call this number.

(805) 637-7243: Scammers claiming to be the Publisher’s Clearing House, advise you won a sweepstakes, or claims to be part of Visa’s fraud department.

(858) 605-9622: Warning your bank account was on temporary hold.

(863) 532-7969: Debit card was frozen, without mentioning a bank name.

(904) 495-2559: “You” won an AT&T raffle and must respond to claim your prize.

(312) 339-1227: Promoting a weight loss product or tracking a package scam.

(917) 540-7996: A marketing trick for “Scream VI”, claiming to be Ghostface, from the horror franchise, ahead of its release.

(347) 437-1689: A small dollar tax scam, or a fake offer, to receive a free Dyson vacuum.

(301) 307-4601: A USPS delivery scam.

(878) 877-1402: A “frozen debit card” scam, including the victim’s phone number in the message.

(202) 221-7923: A phishing alert, about a fake student loan forgiveness deadline approaching.

Using AI, scammers mimic a loved one’s voice. A live body, is not behind every scam call, text or voicemail. Scammers use AI technology, to obtain info and make the scam more believable.

If you receive a call from your bank, advising you someone is using your credit card, don’t share your credit card information! Contact your bank to advise them of the scam call, so they can check your account. On some cons, “the banker” says he needs help in catching the person doing this, and advises you to go to Albertsons and agrees to meet you in the parking lot, to watch what happens. You are requested to purchase gift cards with cash, which is the most common con, and if you are real gullible, they will repeat it the next day.

You may also be contacted by the Eisenhower Hospital attorney’s office. They will advise you that you owe money, and a penalty. However, “the attorney has not reviewed the file yet”, so if you just pay the balance they will accept that amount. If any of these happen to you, call the police and the business involved to alert them.

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