School is now back in session and along with it comes sports! With over 30 million youths participating in sports, injuries are very likely to occur. Most sports related injuries can be prevented with some basic preventive measures says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.

Keeping in shape “prior” to the season is a good start.  It’s still hot so take it easy on hot or humid days and keep hydrated. Warm-up prior to engaging is also important.  Many schools require a physical exam before starting a school sport. Check with your child’s school. You may even want to have your child get a physical from your family physician.

Some common injuries include but not limited injuries such as Concussions. A direct blow to the head or a hit to the body that causes the head to jerk back quickly can result in a concussion. Signs and symptoms may include a loss of consciousness.

Heat illness. Extreme temperatures, particularly when combined with high humidity or intense sunlight, can interfere with the body’s normal ways of regulating temperature. Heat illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, occur mostly outside and during the summer but can happen anytime or anywhere.


Orthopedic injuries. Sprains, strains, growth-plate fractures (damage to areas of cartilage near the ends of developing bones), tendinitis and other injuries to bones, ligaments and joints can be caused by falls, but also by overtraining in one sport. Knee injuries are also among the most costly. The sports with the worst knee injury rate are football and wrestling among boys, and basketball and soccer for girls.

Make sure you check with your school district and ensure your child is prepared before participating in school sports.
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Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna