Lock up your daughters, wives and girlfriends cuz Dirty Nick and the Se7en4 Boys are Back in Town


By Tracy Dietlin

During a two part interview with the guys from Se7en4, first with Nick Flores (frontman) and Pete Burquez (guitar) in person before their rehearsal in LA and then with Steven Hall (drums) and Trevino Martin (bass) by phone after their rehearsal, it is clear that Se7en4 is back with a vengeance and ready to rock the desert once again. They will be bringing their in your face, no holds barred, raucous, hard driving, unapologetic, punk rock shenanigans to Plan B this Saturday night for Phil Lacombe’s Birthday Bash.
The band formed back in 2000, with the original name, 2 Minutes Hate, but soon changed it to Se7en4. “We changed the name because we tried to copyright it and it was already taken,” said Flores. “After we changed it to Se7en4 things seemed to take off for us as a band.”
Let’s be clear about one thing….the band has never broken up, however they have taken breaks or been on hiatus, mainly due to the continuing loss of bass players. John McCarthy was the original bass player and after he left three more would follow including; Elexis Becken (also formerly of Phallus and currently living in Texas in the band Good Shive Low), Armando Flores (Nick’s older brother and former bass player in too many bands to print but current drummer for Blasting Echo and bassist for Pedestrians) and currently Trevino Martin (also plays in Rippsville City Hall, one of Steve Hall’s other bands).
Everyone in the band is singing the praises of new member Trevino Martin. “We weren’t playing for a while because we didn’t have a bass player and then Trevino came along,” says Hall. “They’re some hard shoes to fill for a bassist because of the past three we’ve had have all been so awesome. But Trevino and I were already involved in another project Rippsville City Hall and I told the rest of the guys let’s give him a try and after the first song he played with us we knew it was the right fit.” (During the sitdown interview with Nick and Pete earlier they said the exact same quote about hard bass shoes to fill).
After growing up in the desert and a brief stint living in San Diego, Hall currently resides in LA and has a day job as a paralegal in a Beverly Hills Law office. Martin also lives in LA and on a boat in Marina del Ray part of the year and is a contractor for his day job. Both are in the reggae/rock band Rippsville City Hall, which is currently on hiatus due to a band member moving to Hawaii. Hall is also in the band Capitol Eye.
Burquez lives here in the desert and works as a carpenter for JB Finish and has a 19 year old daughter. Now that she is grown he is ready to enjoy the rock star single life. He is also involved in a few musical side projects, one with Landerra Carrillo from Odyssey 9. “It’s cool to have these other projects to keep my chops up in between Se7en4 duties,” shared Burquez.
Frontman Flores has been involved in a little side project of his own: a 6 month old son, Kyuss Bane, with his lovely lady Tess Montgomery, adding to his family of daughter Emma and puppy Stella. “We named him after my favorite band from Palm Desert, Kyuss,” stated Nick proudly. He works as a server at Pacifica and is very passionate about martial arts. Yes, Nick Flores is all grown up and a family man but don’t think he can’t and won’t still get in your face musically.
For anyone who knows Se7en4 and has seen one of their shows and followed their careers… they have built a reputation on being the original PD party boys with their legendary antics. While they all may have grown up and older in their personal lives don’t expect that to reflect in their music. It’s as raw and as real as it ever was.
I asked them what was different about the new material they are working on. Flores replied, “Well Tracy, I’d like to say that my lyrics are now more spiritual and mature…but they’re not!” as much laughter ensues. “It’s still the same hard driving, in-your-face sound. We’re just more focused as a band now,” insists Flores.
“When we get together now to rehearse we get down to business,” adds Burquez. “I’m really excited about the new songs. We’re hoping to get back into the studio after this show and record them.”
Burquez also goes on to say, “It’s unusual to blend so well with someone so soon like we did Trevino. Now that we have that formula back we ready to move ahead.” Now they are looking forward to doing some shows in LA and San Diego.
It’s been almost two years since they played their last show at The Red Barn and at least that long in between the previous one. At the last show they debut four new songs and now have another two that they will share. They always play to a packed standing room only crowd and leave their fans wanting more and looking forward to their next performance.
The show on Saturday night will be no exception as they promise to deliver. In between interviews the guys settled in for a long rehearsal down in LA. Flores and Burquez were super hyped up about going. “We’ve only had three rehearsals since you asked us to play Phil’s party,” says Burquez. “But we’re so ready to do this show. And it’s for Phil’s birthday. So it’s going to be a good time.”
“We’re really looking forward to Saturday night. We’re still the same Se7en4 on stage. That hasn’t changed,”assures Flores.
We can expect a few surprises too. During the interview the cat got out of the bag that Jamie Hargate from The Hellions might be getting on stage doing a song or two with the band adding the extra guitar sound and filling the void left by original member Chris Cole who got married and moved to Texas.
“Jamie and I go way back. Our Mom’s took us to a Lollapalooza concert back in 1992-93,” shared Flores.
After the rehearsal, Hall and Martin were super pumped about what had just transpired and guaranteed me that it was going to be one hell of a show.
“We really want this to be a show that people remember. It’s gonna be a straight bunch of kick ass.com,” says Martin.
“Shit’s about to get real!” laughs Hall.
Check out Se7en4 on YouTube where you can hear songs they recorded with producers Steve Feldman, Mando Flores and Mikey Doling. You can also check them out on FB.


Se7en4 on Music
Favorite Song:
Pete: Can I just say a bunch of cool songs all rolled up into one universal one. The first album my Mom ever bought me was KC & the Sunshine Band.
Nick: Rebel Yell by Billy Idol
Steve: Motley Crue “Looks That Kill”
Trevino: Pantera “Cowboys From Hell”
Favorite Album:
Nick: Snot’s – Get Some. All the angst and beautifulness and the hard driving rock and roll.
Pete: Ya…definitely Snot. It was so cool back then when it came out to see my bro (Mikey Doling) playing guitar. Still to this day I can listen to one of those songs and get re-inspired.
Steve: Deftones – Around the Fur (second choice Sublime)
Trevino: Suicidal Tendencies – Lights… Camera… Revolution
Favorite Band:
Pete: Santana musician wise as a guitar player he’s one of my all-time favorites. Deftones.
Nick: Snot
Pete: Ya again Snot. I mean they just stuck out like a sore thumb.
Steve: Se7en4
What’s in your CD player or Ipod:
Nick: It’s actually a mix that I keep listening to that goes “Ain’t nobody fresher than my muthafu**ing click” I think Jay Z, Kanye & Tiger do that song “Click”. I’m not sure but that’s what I’m listening to (laughing). I just love music. All kinds of music. I can get in my car and put it on 92.7 or 93.7 and enjoy both stations. There’s a new song from Rihanna right now that I really like. Music is just inspiring and universal.
Favorite Local Band:
Steve: The Hellions and anything Mike Johnson is involved with.




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