By Michelle Ann Rizzio

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a representative of Select, a cartridge and oil company offering a range of products. I looked over the dispensary’s selection of the brand and found one of their Elite cartridges that caught my eye–Durban Poison. This caught my eye because I am currently working on shedding my winter body and THCV, a cannabinoid famous for being an appetite suppressant, is heavily found in Durban Poison. Now, Select boasts being a broad spectrum oil with high cannabinoid retention which makes it different from your average distillate cartridge, especially since I was looking for a cannabinoid other than THC. After less than a week of using my Durban Poison Elite in the necessary times of being hit with not so health conscious cravings, I’m hooked. I reached out to them immediately and was connected to their PR lead Jordon Rahmil who happily shared more about Select with me

CV Weekly: What is the story behind Select?

Jordon Rahmil: “Select is a brand developed to help consumers Select Better in every facet of their lives. Select Oil was started by our CEO, Cameron Forni, in his own living room in Portland, Oregon in 2015. He had a close friend who was suffering from a condition called Barrett’s esophagus, which caused irritation when smoking flower. He wanted to help that friend find a clean, smoke-free way to use cannabis, so he started buying and deconstructing every vaporizer he could get his hands on, and found that many vape pens were made with silica wicks, while organic cotton wicks were actually more desirable. Today, Select is constantly innovating and developing new technologies and products that help people access cannabis and hemp in a way that works best for them.


“The brand is divided into sister companies: Select Oil, which is our high THC cannabis brand, and Select CBD which is our high-CBD hemp-derived brand.”

CV Weekly: What variety of products does your line consist of?

JR: “Select Oil is known for our Select Elite line of vaporizer pens, which is made from clean, potent cannabis oil. The same cannabis oil that we’re known for can also be found in our 90-puff disposable pen The Weekender, as well as in Dabbable form in most states we’re in.

“Select CBD’s hemp-derived CBD brand portfolio includes Select CBD Drops, Select CBD Muscle Rub, Select CBD blends (vape pens), Select CBD Patches, Select CBD Capsules, Montel by Select capsules, and of course our Select PETS line. These products are hemp-derived, contain zero percent THC, and are manufactured in Portland, Oregon.”

CV Weekly: Can you tell me more about your Elite line?

JR: “The Select Elite line of vape pens defines the quality and consistency that has made Select that trusted brand that consumers can rely on for a clean, potent product. Our pure cannabis distillate is small batch tested to ensure the highest quality standards.”

CV Weekly: Are your cartridges strain specific?

JR: “We do offer strain specific cartridges that come from small batches and pack an amazing punch. They are carried at various retailers across Palm Springs, DHS and the Valley.”

CV Weekly: Are your cartridges enhanced with terpenes? And if so are they batch specific?

JR: “We only used cannabis-derived terpenes in our oil. Our cartridges are profiled specifically based on the actual terpene profile of the plant, so you get the same terpene rich taste from your vape as you would from the flower.”

CV Weekly: Can you tell me more about your Select CBD line?

JR: “Select CBD products are hemp-derived and contain zero percent THC. We pair naturally extracted essential oils and herbs with CBD rich oil, capturing the synergy between herbs and CBD. You can find Select CBD products all over the country in stores including dispensaries, gyms, mass retail stores, pharmacies, and of course online at”