By Nadia Popova

Navigating the world of fitness, to ensure a healthy mind, body and soul can be challenging, overwhelming and frustrating. Many stand in front of the mirror asking themselves the same questions: How do I lose weight? How do I gain muscle? Do I have to buy supplements? When do I find the time to work out? Many find themselves swiping for hours on social media, or watching long form infomercials, where do I begin? Sound familiar?

All these questions create road blocks, and the inability to move forward. In simple terms, no more excuses, results will occur through proper training, nutrition, consistency, and sleep routines.

I, Nadia Popova, a Palm Desert-based personal trainer and coach, can guide you through uncharted waters, and within the convenience of your own home. No gym membership required.


With 8 years of personal training experience, as well as competing on the biggest stages, she has the knowledge to not just answer all of the above questions, but in terms that are easy to comprehend, from the beginners to the athletes.

The hardest resistance band in our training, is usually ourselves. We hold ourselves back, and lack consistency. Consistency goes hand in hand with accountability and convenience. How to stay accountable you may ask? It’s with a human connection, someone in your life who cares about your fitness goals, supports you, and keeps you accountable.

Imagine someone showing up at your front door with a smile and say “Let’s Go”. You would simply put on your shoes, and start moving. These motivational moments are magnified by having a personal trainer in your life, which keeps you motivated and inspired, week after week. They become your best friend.

During the pandemic, gyms were forced to close, and many were forced to pivot, and alter their training regimen. Virtual workouts became a trend, and now a staple. As we continue to evolve within a “new normal”, at home training is becoming more of an option for many people, who are running businesses, and families from the comfort of their home.

My goal was to create a team of Personal Trainers who would join my journey in helping others exercise within the comfort and safety of their own home, or residential gyms.

I became a “Send Me A Trainer” franchise owner in the Coachella Valley, helping the community take steps to a healthier tomorrow.

“Send Me A Trainer” is a personal training platform that makes it easy to stay fit by having access to local certified trainers. We come to you, on your time, and based on your schedule.

The mission of our team is to inspire and motivate more people to stay active, without the intimidation of going to the gym, and have a proper nutrition outline.

There are so many effective, fun, yet challenging workouts that can be done in your living room, with just two sets of dumbbells, resistance bands and a stability ball.

The most important part of anyone’s fitness journey is to have a knowledgeable trainer who puts you through a safe and customized workout.

For more information on “Send Me A Trainer”, visit our website, or contact me via the phone number below.

Nadia Popova | Send Me A Trainer | Coachella Valley




Nadia Popova/Franchise Owner/Palm Springs | Send Me A Trainer


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