Well, Shakespeare didn’t quite say that, and TV/Bus Bench/Billboard Advertising lawyers are not wrong 100% of the time, but they are wrong for YOU, 100% of the time. Shakespeare warned, “The first thing we do is, “let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Yes, the quote is real! It’s said by a villainous character…Dick the Butcher to Jack Cade, in Shakespeare’s Henry VI. Cade is leading a rebellion against King Henry and both are anti-intellectual, killing anyone who can read, and burning all the books and documents. They know lawyers stand in their way, and it is easier to take over an ignorant population when no one understands their rights…and HAVE LAWYERS TO DEFEND THEM.

Not all fairy tales begin with “Once Upon a Time”, some start with “I can get you maximum recovery on your accident.” There are several ways to find a PI/DUI “advertising” attorney, however, none work! I know, because 40 years ago I advertised as a new lawyer, and like lawyers today, I could not personally oversee every case. I grew to a 30 person firm and it’s not that the lawyers working for me were bad, but they were not as good as me. My advice, AVOID BUS BENCH/TVADVERTISING LAWYERS…to put it simply, you will not regret doing so.

Calling a local, award winning PI/DUI lawyer ASAP, is not just a suggestion, but an absolute necessity. Once a lawyer is retained, adjusters and police can’t talk to you. For accidents, see a doctor asap and with your DUI, request a DMV hearing within 10 days. For both DON’T TALK to adjusters, investigators or police. It is not always, what you say, but what they thought, you said.


Gribow’s successful career has warranted over 25 TOP ATTORNEY AWARDS. As a widely respected and distinguished Accident/Drunk Driving lawyer, his 1000 legal columns, in 4 papers, along with his “Accidentally Yours” talk show,” have advised accident victims: “ONLY hire a LOCAL award winning Top Tier Peer Reviewed PI Lawyer.

Ideally, your lawyer, like Gribow, should have also been an accident victim, who has “walked in your shoes!” He understands what you are, and will be going through, and that Accidents never happen at a good time. He warns, “Don’t let a lawyer, who has not walked in your shoes, tell you how to tie your laces, and don’t let the insurance company run you over too.” You need an experienced lawyer, not as escort!

Sometimes, someone unexpected comes into your life out of nowhere, makes your heart race, and changes you forever. We attorneys call those people COPS!IF YOU MEET ONE, AFTER A DUI ARREST OR ACCIDENT…CALL HIM!

The police are your friend when you call for help, but when you encounter them after an Accident or DUI they are “gathering information.” It may show  you are at fault, or guilty of DUI.

Never retain a no name, non-top tier, non-local, 1-800 Lawyer,” or one with all the same numbersYou know there are a lot of bus bench, TV and billboard Advertising lawyers, who are ready to take your case.

Unfortunately, many of these law offices will not be handling your case, and will farm the case off to the highest law office bidder from LA.…or to a paralegal or case manager. Most 1-800 TV Lawyers are known to NOT handle cases personally, and some firms, like Jacoby and Meyers, are just a name purchased by younger lawyers.

With many advertising lawyers, the name on the ad will not be handling your case, unless your case is worth a $1million. You would often be farmed out to an “assistant” or another firm.

So you are probably asking yourself, is Gribow the only good lawyer in the CV? Of course not! However, he has provided professional legal advice and solutions to the Critically Injured and Criminally Accused for 50 years…resulting in over 25 Top Lawyer awards, 8 Man of the Year Awards, 4 Dale Gribow Days and awarded Mr. Charity.


Gribow limits the caseload, thus allowing calls to be answered and returned, the “OLD FASHIONED” way…by Dale, not an assistant.


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Cut out this card!


Upon advice of my attorney, Dale Gribow, I exercise my right to remain silent until you contact him at (760) 837-7500 or dale@dalegribowlaw.com for an OK.

My attorney has advised me the VOLUNTARY FIELD SOBRIETY AND BREATH TESTS, at the scene, are OPTIONAL (unless one is on probation). Thus I elect not to take them. I want to cooperate and am happy to take a BLOOD TEST.