By Rebecca Pikus

Sherri Breyer is an iconic photographer here in Palm Springs — bold, beautiful & instantly recognizable by her striking long blond ponytail & her little golden Pomeranian Ginger!  Sherri was born in Palm Springs, Ca. surrounded by the beauty and natural landscape of the desert. In the days of her youth P.S. was a hub for Hollywood celebrities. As a result she grew up watching the great black and white movies from the past with the stars that she saw on a daily basis. Sherri was always intrigued by the lighting and camera work of the great old black & white films and photographs — not just those from the United States but the European films and photography influenced her the most.  She has always looked to those images for inspiration, along with neoclassical paintings.

At 17, Sherri moved to Los Angeles where she attended The University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. She had developed an interest in photography and had several shows at the USC Gallery in Santa Monica. She was also interested in painting and sold her first large scale piece at a prestigious show at the Fisher Gallery in 1983. Continuing her studies, she attended California State University Long Beach where she studied for her Masters of Fine Arts Degree. Sherri furthered her exploration of photography by creating large scale images of bodies in water that became a large gallery installation.

After her University studies, she found herself working in the film industry where she began to learn Cinematography and Directing. When not on the set, Sherri experimented with all kind of photographic camera equipment and darkroom techniques. She fell in love with photography completely at that point and researched everything from pin whole camera techniques to the 4×5. She also bought an old Bolex 16mm movie camera and began making her own films. That led to a career directing television commercials and eventually a short film that appeared in the Sundance Film Festival, the USA Film Festival etc. and was chosen by the American Cinematic as a favorite with a special screening at Paramount.


In order to balance the everyday stress of being on a set, Sherri loved to disappear into the darkroom to work on her personal photography. She enjoyed photographing friends that she worked with in the industry, always preferring to shoot real people rather than models for her Fine Art images. On her days off, they would disappear into Topanga Canyon or a forest close by — dreaming of making what she hoped would be photographic magic. She was always attracted to images of the body, and found her personal style while placing the nude into natural settings where light and shadow would become her guide. This led to a series of provocative female images that focused on creating an ethereal world filled with angels and fairies, governed by nature. This series of works enjoyed many exhibitions, which included a one woman show at Fototeka Gallery in Los Angeles in 1999.

Sherri then exhibited her female nudes in a group show at Scott Van Dyke’s studio in 2001 in Palm Springs, CA and acquired a job as an Event and Portrait photographer. After settling into the desert and developing a new career, she was fortunate to become friends with a male couple who collaborated with her on a photograph journey in the Joshua Tree National Monument. The result was a series of nudes that embraced their love for this sacred, majestic and powerful place that became the ideal setting for magic to take place. The sepia-toned black and white images that emerged from the darkroom were shown at Modern Masters Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert in 2007. Another show at Modern Master Fine Art Gallery in 2008 featured female nudes that focused on surreal fantasy and dream imagery of angels. Sherri’s final exhibition at Modern Masters was a series of nudes printed on watercolor paper that appeared dream-like although rough, torn and tattered. This technique treatment made each image a unique piece of art.

When Buschlen Mowatt Gallery in Palm Desert closed, and before Heather James Gallery opened, Sherri was given the keys to this huge, empty architectural space to shoot an amazing series — nude male dancers with bright red capes, leaping & jumping in mid-air — her “Toreador” collection.  She then completed another iconic shoot in the same space, a series of nude male & female Ballet dancers — classical, ethereal, ground-breaking photography.

In 2009 & 2010, Sherri focused on a new and more extensive exploration of the nude. This work opened in 2010 at Coda Gallery in Palm Desert.  She believes that her goal as an artist is to take the viewer to a world seen through her personal vision and imagination.  As a result, her current unique photographic images on hand — printed on Japanese rice paper & 100% rag paper — address more personal feelings that range from Zen to Isolation. This show has taken over a year to come to fruition and she completed it with a new level of consciousness.

When not working on her Fine Art, Sherri concentrates on her work for Palm Springs Life magazine as their Society Event Photographer, which she has been doing for over ten years. That has led to some wonderful private work for A-List clients.  She most enjoys portrait and studio work where with her understanding of lighting makes her clients feel comfortable, confident because they know the end result will be exactly what they envisioned. In addition, Sherri photographs table top and architecture using the glow of sunset to enhance her images. Photography is not only a passion for her — it is her life!

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