By Crystal Harrell

Summer has reached the desert and your wardrobe might need an update if you want to be styling in these scorching temperatures. Unique Keep Boutique was launched in March as an online seller of resort wear and boho chic essentials to get you fashionably ready for the season. Vanessa Arroniz is the owner of Unique Keep Boutique and wears all the hats that make the business run.

From a young age, Vanessa had the mindset of an entrepreneur. At only 9 years-old, she would bake cookies using a Betty Crocker kids oven. Going door-to-door, she made her first sale but didn’t stop there. As she got older, Vanessa continued to find ways to earn money, inspired by the desire to grow professionally and test the skills she had developed working in the retail industry.

“Money wasn’t my drive. It was the smiles on people’s faces after purchasing an item they found value in. Whether it was cookies, fruit arrangements or more recently clothing… The most rewarding part of my business is the connection I build with each person I interact with. Most of the women that shop in my boutique are in search of a dress for a special occasion. Whether it be an engagement party, baby shower, or vacation. They allow me to be part of that special moment through the connection we build as I help them find the perfect dress,” stated Vanessa.


The most difficult part of establishing Unique Keep Boutique for Vanessa was continuing to believe in herself through every stage of the process. From getting all the required permits, licensing, and understanding her market, each brought a challenge which could have easily discouraged her, but Vanessa’s passion for personal growth was much stronger and has helped her push through the early stages of developing her business.

Each piece of clothing at Unique Keep Boutique is carefully hand-picked. Vanessa’s goal as a boutique owner is to offer dresses that make a statement. Some of the dresses are purchased from vendors that are located in Los Angeles and others are brought in from Mexico, but it is especially important for Vanessa to have the ability to quality check each piece that enters her collection.

“Unique Keep Boutique offers dresses for special occasions. Every lady needs to have a statement piece in their closet. It’s the dress you can count on fitting just right. The dress that compliments your every angle. It’s the showstopper you’re looking for,” said Vanessa.

In addition to being a small business owner, Vanessa has a career in the non-profit industry working with Variety – the Children’s Charity of the Desert—an organization whose focus is to serve children with special needs.

Unique Keep Boutique has participated in local events in order to give customers the opportunity to shop in person. The boutique took part in a couple pop-up shops around the Coachella Valley, with organizations like EP Black Label and CVMeetUps making it possible for many local small businesses to participate in events located at Westfield Palm Desert as well as various country clubs around the Valley.

“Since day one, I have received positive feedback from customers. Women have literally used the word ‘unique’ when describing the dresses. To have my mission reflect my product has been a huge accomplishment. My number one supporter is my fiancé. He is the one who is there to help with all the heavy lifting and also provides valuable feedback when it comes to finances,” explained Vanessa.

Although Unique Keep Boutique is currently an online store, Vanessa’s goal is to open up a brick and mortar location that will be available for women to shop in person. She also plans to give back to the community by creating a program that allows her to make a difference in women’s lives. This passion was further fueled the moment Vanessa received her first online sale while running her business.

“It was a wonderful feeling to have seen the notification as I opened my email. Having an online store is not easy. It’s very important to make sure you are capturing your products in the right lighting when taking pictures as well as having a clear description of how it feels and looks. My goal is to continue working towards building a pleasant experience as customers browse through my online boutique,” stated Vanessa.

To look at Unique Keep Boutique’s clothing selection, visit the store at You can also stay connected and follow on the Instagram page at uniquekeep_boutique or Facebook at uniquekeepboutique.