By Angela Romeo

Simon Luckinbill has started to make his mark on the art scene. His career is nascent but it is evident that he has what it takes to compete in the art world.

Simon was born in Los Angeles and raised in New York. He grew up surrounded by artistic talent. His parents are both well-known actors. But Simon used his talents in a different direction.

“After studying music, drums, percussion, poetry and nutrition, I found I had a passion for using color, texture and a hint of fantasy to express myself,” said Simon, “I started looking at painting as way of self- expression. I find art to be cathartic. I tell stories with my work. After all, art is about emotion. And my art is about me.”


Gallery 500, located at The Five Hundred in Palm Springs will be featuring works by Simon. The show, Flea On A Hot Rock, runs through the end of December. Gallery 500 joins the growing Coachella art scene by providing another venue for emerging and well-known artists to exhibit their work.  Gallery 500 will exhibit works on canvas, photography, sculptures, ceramics, and hand crafted woodwork.

“Flea on A Hot Rock is my second show in the Coachella Valley.  This show is very different from the first because during the past few years I have grown and I have had other experiences that influence my work.  I draw inspiration from many sources: music, nature, vision quests, and, as a Christian, of course, God. These are my source materials,” continued Simon. “My work has, primarily, been acrylic on canvas.  Although there is no substitute for original art, I enjoy mixing mediums.   All of the work at this show is original.”

Simon’s work is bold in color but it is the closer inspection that reveals the depth of the work. Drawn in by the color, the subject slowly starts to reveal itself.  The Hive Mind is such a work. The richness of color mimics a Zen-like quality. Suggesting a bamboo field, the viewers slowly find themselves participating in the surreal. Simon draws the viewer into a dream like landscape and leaves the viewers there to find their own way in or out.

“I hope you see something in my work that makes you think and feel. Remember art is only about emotion,” stated Simon.

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