As we submerge ourselves in festive celebration, we would be remised to deny the reality that during this season our bank accounts feel the brunt more than during others.

Difficult as it may be to believe, the current US and global economy is not as healthy as it once was. During seasons such Christmas, many seek constructive ways in which to save money. SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS realize this reality and therefore want to be of assistance.

As we all know, solar is a powerful proponent that energizes the Coachella Valley. It additionally saves homeowners and local businesses $1000’s per year in energy bills. However, to those who have not yet made the switch, placing solar panel arrays upon rooftops is expensive. Or is it? …


SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS are not just the best cleaning and maintenance solar company of the Inland Empire, they also design home solar panel arrays, and they install them – minus $1000’s in solar salesperson commissions. That’s right! SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS do not tag on $1000’s extra to your installation because they do not employ solar salespersons. If you want solar on your home, simply call them. They’ll design your solar panel array and only charge you for the equipment and installation – no salesperson commissions.

This week in “SOLAR PANEL – DOCTORS DERECTIVES”, Dr. Anderson addresses the topic of solar panel safety.

Michael of Bermuda Dunes asks:

“Dr. Anderson, are solar panels safe?”

Dr. Anderson’s response:

“Thank you for the question, Michael. Solar panels are safe and pose practically zero safety hazards. Electrical equipment is placed in fire-proof boxes and insulated to contain any potential failures that may occur during operation.

Having worked within the industry for over 10 years, I have seen my fair share of solar systems, and have not encountered any that created a fire or electrical shock issue to homeowners. However, I personally have been zapped a handful of times while fixing wires and locating shorted circuits. This is why we advise solar panel owners to never attempt to climb on roofs, tamper or attempt to fix solar issues.

INSTALLATION ERRORS: I have occasionally encountered panels installed by other companies that have fallen from system rooftop arrays. Like all things, there are times when safety issues can occur due to human error, and or natural disaster.

I would like to advise anyone with a solar panel array to have us or another third-party professional installation and maintenance company to inspect their system and make sure that (a) it’s working properly, and (b) that it’s free from installer defects. Most clients don’t realize that their solar stops working until they get the annual bill and witness a $4000 charge when they expected to pay $0.

It’s advisable to have your solar panels maintained at least once every 3 months to avoid problems.”

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