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So, the earth is flat? It’s a subject that has been debated for centuries. Although lately, sizeable numbers of folks are starting to believe that the earth is not a globe, and that we are not living within an endless universe filled with other planets and solar systems. Here’s the part in the article where if we could play music it would sound like … Tada, Daaaa!

Statistically and factually speaking, there are almost one billion people across the world who now believe the earth is flat. One-third of Americans likewise believe it is flat, and these numbers are growing daily. But why?

People began doubting the authenticity of the poor-quality video footage of astronauts landing on the moon. Was it filmed in a studio or desert somewhere on earth? If that is true then this means no man or woman has ever set foot upon the moon. The controversy surrounding this belief is further supported by more recent video footage of reporter, Brad Sibrel. Brad traveled around the country asking several prominent astronauts including, Buzz Aldren if the video of the moon landing was staged. When Brad met for an interview with Buzz in Beverly Hills, he asked him to swear upon the Holy Bible, that he and his fellow-astronaut crew members did in fact land and walk upon the moon. Buzz refused to swear upon the Bible and was kindled with rage over the question, and in such proceeded to punch Brad square in the face. Buzz was seventy-two-years-old at the time.


To add yet more fuel to rockets that curve across the sky from Florida’s Cape Canaveral displaying a fiery arc trail, as rocket debris falls into the murky waters of the ‘mysterious’ Bermuda Triangle … Or, could it be that the entire rocket plummets into the notorious Bermuda Triangle, and not just layers of the rocket being shed as we are told? Modern-day NASA scientist and astronauts now tell the world that they cannot go back to the moon because they have lost the technology to do so – in the year 2024!

If our world truly is a globe as we have been taught, then the ground beneath our feet should, according to science, drop or rise depending upon where we are standing, sixteen-feet, every six miles. This means that if you place a video camera capable of zooming in and out at high ratios on a flat surface and point it straight-level forward, then you should not be able to see a person standing six miles away according to scientific facts. However, this has been proven wrong. There are many videos that have been posted online discrediting far distances that we are not supposed to see. Of the many, is a video posted and titled on YouTube; The Farthest Recorded Video Distance [recorded in the book of Guinness World Records], in which a young man can be seen head-to-toe more than thirteen miles away from his video camera. Has science been defied once again?

Considering the above, and pondering the “theory” that the world is a globe hurdling through space, revolves around the sun, the sun is billions of miles away, and that the rotation of the earth is necessary for the planet to function and not tumble into chaos, why didn’t this happen in the Holy Bible, in The Book of Joshua, Chapter 10, Verse 13? In this chapter, God stops the sun and moon from moving for an entire day. Don’t believe in the Holy Bible? Well, that “stopping” of the sun incident was observed, recorded, and acknowledged by an astronomer who made a discovery that earth’s history is missing precisely [twenty-four-hours]. This fact was documented in a book by Professor C.A. Totten of Yale, published in 1690.

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