Josh Hall of Thr3 Strykes Launches Solo Project

By Esther Sanchez

As 50% of Thr3 Strykes, one of the most popular hip hop acts to spring up from Coachella Valley soil and recipients of multiple CVMAs, Josh Hall is already an established character on the local music scene. Associated with multiple other musical collaborations such as percussion sensations, Drum Hall (lead by Hall’s brother, Steven, drummer for Se7en4)…many of us who are already fans are definitely looking forward to what he has in store for us with his solo venture.

Hall: “What this means to me is the opportunity to put out my own, personal sound and express my unique perspective. I have been doing this with collaborations for 10+ years and felt like I was ready to put something out on my own.”

Hall is part of a musical legacy and has grown up in an atmosphere that, if nothing else… nurtured his creativity, natural musicality and charisma. His father, noted drummer, Steve Hall, was a member of the popular 70s/80s hard-rock band, Stormer…a clear indication for the inspiration for naming Josh’s newest project.


Hall: “My dad opened for bands like Metallica and Motley Crue. I am all about putting myself out there to keep the legacy alive. Listening to, appreciating and creating music has become part of my identity and that has been instilled into me by my father, my brother and guys like Mike Pygmie, who have spent so many hours in the garage, pouring into my life and helping me form a creative process.”

As far as Hall’s musical image, he, along with his partner Josh Fimbres, is primarily known as a member of the locally acclaimed group, Thr3 Strykes whose talent, innovation, lyrical skills and pure energy have captivated audiences in recent years through well-done videos and live performances that force everyone in attendance to stand up, bob their heads and recognize.

Hall: “The SonStormer sound has a trippy vibe that is darker, grungier and more mysterious than what I have been a part of in the past. Ninety percent of the production for this 7-track EP is the work of Tariq Beats who has been an essential ingredient in making all of this happen. I am really excited to get it out there and see how everyone responds to what we have come up with.”

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