Last week we received a lesson in “Back to School Safety Tips and Driving in School Zones.”  I’d prefer to write something more timely this week like Brush Fire Awareness, Drought and Your Health or some other safety topic but if report cards were issued this week, many people would be receiving an “F” in Safety and an “A” in Selfishness says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna. 
As I drove, I witnessed people in and near school zones drifting into others lanes as they text, rolling into crosswalks where kids were crossing, running red lights and speeding.  Concerned about those school “bullies” I observed several “bully drivers” who speed up and push on others while tailgating, only to rush around the person (who is obeying traffic conditions), and give ‘stink eye’ or another gesture, then stop at the next signal, only to sit as it turned green as they selfishly look at their cell phone. Nothing more but being completely Selfish!
There’s not a person reading this that has not observed what I’m talking about or have participated in receiving these grades if issued a report card.  We expect a lot out of our kids when they go to school. We expect them to behave and get good grades while acting accordingly.  When they don’t, perhaps we need to look at ourselves and ask what kind of an example are we setting?  So when they fail, maybe we’ll have an idea why…
It’s still early in the year so it’s not too late to turn those grades around. But of course – It’s all up to you!
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Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna