Charity: Desert Cancer Foundation

By Tracy Dietlin

There are few people in business in the Coachella Valley who do not know Stephanie Greene, CEO of FG Creative Marketing, either personally or by reputation. Awards line her shelves, as is to be expected from someone with her depth of education and experience, who is as driven to succeed not only for herself, but for the clients whom she represents. Greene’s company serves clients such as El Paseo BID, Heather James Fine Art Studio, Desert Regional Medical Center, Arrow Regional Medical Center, Palm Springs Art Museum, The City of Palm Desert, Big Rock Pub, and Indian Springs Golf Club, to name a few. With decades of experience, Greene has more advertising and marketing acumen in her big thumb than most people have in an entire office, and it is lead with a big heart for seeing her partners achieve success.

“I love working with Stephanie. She brings such excitement and vision to elevating the profile of our firm in the community. Plus, she always makes me feel that our needs are important and special. She brings the finest customer service coupled with personal flare and a big heart. Plus, She always looks amazing and gives great hugs! That matters.” Dee Dee Wilson Barton, CEO, Barton CPA

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Green did not become a “California girl” until age 9. “Growing up in Irvine was amazing,” she’ll tell you. “I was a part of a Teen Council that helped incorporate the city. We also started and managed a teen center, and helped to influence new bus routes with Orange Country Transit Authority. Those were exciting times!”


Raised in a loving, large family, Greene’s dad was first generation Italian, a huge influence on her. Her mother’s family was German, and was also a big part of her life. “I know my family history on both sides back 7 generations! Both of my parents had PhDs in Science. My mom became one of the first computer programmers in the world, and developed one of the first computerized payroll programs. My Dad worked for Dupont in the lab, and then went into management. He ended up working in Europe for the last 10 years of his career, giving me many opportunities to travel.”

Greene always worked, whether it was babysitting, cleaning houses, working as a lifeguard or at a sporting goods store, even through college. “My parents believed in teaching us to earn the extra stuff in life,” she shares proudly. “They taught me to work until the job is done. But I didn’t really choose advertising, it chose me.  I was in college in San Diego when I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada for a boy.  I lived there for a few years and moved home to start over at age 22.  I was looking for a job to make money while I finished my degree, and of the 30 positions I applied for, I chose the small ad agency in Newport Beach. The rest is history!”

That history includes being chosen as Business Person of the Year while at Westminster Mall, receiving a Certified Marketing Director designation through International Council of Shopping Centers (a big deal in the shopping center world). She earned a post-graduate certificate in International Marketing from USC, and is a graduate of Leadership Coachella Valley, Class of 2007. Meanwhile, she also won several championships riding hunter/jumper horses in the highest non-pro class. “I’ve loved my career so much over the last 30 years,” shares Greene.  “I really enjoyed working with Donald Trump when his company managed Spotlight (Trump) 29 Casino; I got to manage the PR and marketing through the renovation and Grand Opening in 2001.  I love mentoring dedicated team members, and I am especially proud of the enduring brands that FG Creative has created over our 15 years in business.  It’s fun to see our logos and advertising still in use around the region.”

When asked what her biggest inspirations were, she answered passionately, “I have the greatest respect and admiration for my parents, who worked hard, achieved great heights in their careers and taught me that I can do anything.  Being a woman was a gift, not a hindrance. My father was a true believer in women in business, and my mom was really a trail blazer. I’d also have to acknowledge my first boss, Toni Alexander, who solidified all of what my parents gave me.  She mentored me, and let me try every part of the advertising business. She trained me so well, and she is still a friend to this day. Being creative and having happy clients makes me feel great, and I love having a team that likes to work together, hang out and give back to the community.”

Steph Greene HorseWhile many people may know Greene’s solid business sense and work ethic as a leading business woman, few know the vivacious “girl” that comes out to play when it’s time to put work away. After all, she was one of the first in line to get her ticket to Desert Trip. You might see her there – look for the pink hair, front and center in the pit! Music is one of her great loves, “especially Queen, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin!” Greene has other ways to revive from the long days and nights she spends building her business and the business goals of others. “I have my ranchita with my dogs, cats and horses, and of course, my ‘Cute Hubby!’  Just being there feeds my soul.  Also, since I was raised close to the beach, and am part mermaid, I need to be near the ocean on a regular basis to refresh and renew.  I grew up racing sailboats, and swam competitively through high school, so water is key for my sanity.”


Other interesting facts: She loves wake boarding, is a voracious reader, a history buff (ask her anything about Tudor, England). But perhaps, most impressive, at least to this writer, is her depth of knowledge and ability to articulate her views regarding American politics. While her opinions are strong, they are also well thought out and educated and give light to her incredible level of intelligence.

As one of CV Weekly’s Top 12 Most Interesting & Influential Women, Greene is supporting Desert Cancer Foundation. “My mother passed away in 1983, at the age of 53 from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and it was just too young,” she shared.  Her company, FG Creative also supports Desert Cancer Foundation. “They do amazing work here in the Valley, helping anyone through their Cancer journey.”

Her mantra? “Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill. And, “Tomorrow is another day.” – Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind