By Heidi Simmons

Warm and personable, Stephanie Greene believes in the adage: “Say what you mean and do what you say.” As owner and CEO of FG Creative, Inc., a full-service advertising agency, she has a strong work ethic and a fierce loyalty.

“It’s just how I was raised,” said Greene. “You work until the work is done. When the work is finished, then you can play.” To Greene, her clients are like family. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, they are all equally important.

Greene admits she could be softer, but that her toughness has a purpose. She expects those working for her to have the same high standards. “I like to work in tandem with my staff to set the bar high,” said Greene. “I love to mentor and I’ve been excited to see some of my past employees go on to important jobs in an array of businesses.”


In the industry for 30 years, Greene continues to find her entrepreneurial spirit. Working hard throughout the recession, Greene reached out to other markets and added new services. “The challenge has been to stay relevant as our industry has changed over the last few years,” said Greene. “It’s exciting to learn and blend the traditional with the new.”

With a solid team, Greene recently discovered her happy place. “I found that working with a tighter, focused group of professionals works effectively,” she said. “We are in a really great place! And that makes me very happy.” Greene loves the challenge of creating a new brand and implementing creative solutions.

Married 25 years, Greene and her husband, Dennis, moved to the valley in 2001. The Greene’s bought a ranchita in Sky Valley. Their home is a refuge for them both. They have no children, but enjoy their menagerie of animals: two horses, four dogs and three cats. “On the weekends, we relax!” said Greene. “I put my jeans on and hardly take them off. We love the desert lifestyle.” She may be a tomboy on the weekends, but Greene considers herself a girlie-girl and enjoys fashion and entertaining.

Dennis continues to maintain a niche precision machine shop in Orange County and has fabricated parts that are now on planet Mars!

Raised in Orange County, Greene began her career at InterCom. She spent 8 years marketing residential real estate, tourism and some of the county’s best shopping centers and malls. “It was a blast,” said Greene. “I worked for the mall and every store inside it. Crazy as it was, I made it so everyone felt a part of what we were doing.”

Mentored by InterCom’s Toni Alexander, Greene learned the important lesson of quickly owning mistakes and to be ready with two creative solutions. “We all respected her and the skills she instilled in us.” For Greene it is important to pass along the wisdom and to be a role model and mentor herself.

It was with InterCom that Greene had the opportunity to handle the Palm Springs marketing account and her main client was Sonny Bono. Coming out for weekly meetings, Greene fell in love with the Coachella Valley.

Throughout her career, Greene has met many interesting people. She had the opportunity to work with Donald Trump. “I loved working with Mr. Trump,” Greene said. “I worked directly with him for four months on the grand opening of his casino. He was charming but tough and fabulous. It was extremely fun.”

Settled and content, Greene has been able to translate all her experience into a unique style with a high level of understanding for her clients.

Greene is most proud that the city of Palm Springs has become the second largest gay community in the country. “So many good things have come from the LGBT leaders, organizations and charities,” said Greene. “I’m glad I can be a part of the community and help make a difference.”

“I love what I do. I love working with clients and mentoring associates,” said Greene. Nothing makes me happier than to see an ad campaign working and generating buzz. It’s the best.”

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