By Bronwyn Ison

The holidays are quickly approaching and this time of year can be very stressful for some. I have good news; you can fret and stress less with some helpful tips and suggestions.  You can make it through the holidays when you remain cool, calm and collective.

Here’s a helpful checklist so you may enjoy the holidays to the fullest:

  1. Be sure to make special time for personal self-care. It’s very easy to overcommit during the holidays. Be mindful and aware of your commitments and refrain from over-scheduling yourself. It may be beneficial to find a quiet place where you can collect your thoughts during all of the hustle and bustle.
  2. Maintain your regular exercise schedule. Do your best not to get caught up in procrastination.  The “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality could wreak havoc on your health and add those extra and unwanted pounds.  Plus, consistent exercise is important for decreasing your stress levels.
  3. Over consumption of alcohol should be avoided. I’m a believer that everything done in moderation helps maintain balance. Alcohol is a depressant and this can not only delay your motor skills but it can have implications on your emotional well-being. Moderation or avoid alcohol all together.
  4. Having a healthy relationship with food during this time of year is also an essential ingredient that should be added to your checklist. Be mindful not to be lured into eating foods that you generally don’t consume. Especially foods that are  processed and with a high sugar content.  A little bite here and there can add up quickly. 
  5. Just because they are family doesn’t mean you get along. Protect yourself and stand firm and strong in your boundaries with others. If you feel as though you need support at this time of year you can always have a friend be a good listener without judgement.
  6. It’s ok to grieve at this time of year. Perhaps you decide along with your family and friends to have a moment of silence to celebrate your loved one. Acknowledging the person may be helpful for everyone.
  7. The stress of the holidays will pass and all will come to a close. Do your best to remain strong in all that you do this holiday season. Your own self-care will help you along the way.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and prepare for a prosperous New Year!


Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and the founder of “Better For It Now,” a Signature 7-Principle Program to improved Self-Care and Yoga classes On Demand.  (760) 564-YOGA (9642)