By Cara Van Dijk

It’s February. That’s one month after many people set (or think about) New Year’s Resolutions. By this time each year, many resolutions have fallen by the wayside, particularly fitness goals. Often, people find that workouts are too much “work,” said fitness expert Annmarie Lynn. She and her team of creative trainers believe they have classes that will keep fitness fun and keep you motivated.

Hoop. Burlesque. Pole. Capoeira. Pilates. Trapeze Yoga. Inferno Hot Pilates. Vinyasa Flow. Booty Camp. If any of those caught your attention, now you also know why Lynn’s studio is called Hot Yoga “Plus” Palm Springs.

Let’s jump right in with Booty Camp. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the studio is offering quite a treat. The three-day intensive called “Full-Body Love Potion,” will be led by instructors Giselle Meagher and Jade Mason. Interval training sessions are designed to help students feel sexy and fit for a Valentine’s Day date, while compassionate stretching ensures that students are giving their bodies the self-love they need. The workouts tone and strengthen quickly, and may even help people jump-start what they had in mind for 2022! Students can take three 75-minute classes, February 11-13, for $50 or join individual classes for $20/each.


For those looking for a workout, that sounds more like a night out, the studio is now offering Burlesque, or Boylesque (a play on “boy” and “burlesque”), which is a fitness take on the playful and provocative dance style.

“I promise, you don’t need to be coordinated, and you are never too old to learn a few new burlesque tricks,” said DD Starr, award-winning, international burlesque dancer and instructor. “I will be dressing up for class because I feel more glamorous when I do.”

Starr said students can wear whatever they are comfortable in to class, but she encourages people to consider what their alter egos might wear to class. Adults of all ages, genders, body types, and dance experience are welcome. Starr specializes in inspiring women to celebrate their individual beauty.

“I can teach anyone how to bump n’ grind, shimmy and shake, and I’ll give you an excuse to be ridiculously glamorous on a chair, while actually getting a good workout and having some fun,” said Starr.

Another workout that is bringing out a different side of people is Hoop Dance. In this class, instructor Chelsea Sphere tends to bring out people’s inner child. The class is based on the playground favorite – hula hooping – but with a modern and intentional twist. Hoop Dance mixes fundamental techniques with hooping tricks, all set to music. Students can bring their own hula hoop or use a studio loaner.

“Hoop dance is a fun, low impact exercise that helps unlock our innate creativity while increasing hand-eye coordination and melting away stress,” said Sphere, who brings experience as a professional entertainer to the studio. “You can’t help but laugh and feel playful when you’re in a hoop class. That not only gets the body moving, but it also brings people joy.”

Burlesque and Hoop classes evolved after Lynn began offering Pole Fitness and Pole Flow classes, about a year ago. She started with two poles that were given to her from the former Zelda’s Night Club. Since then, she has added a third pole, with a fourth planned for installation.

“Once students embrace pole fitness, the physical strength often transcends into an amazing inner strength and self confidence that supports people in all areas of their lives,” said Lynn, who also operates Pole Fitness Discovery out of the same studio. Lynn teaches pole classes along with instructors Chelsea Carter and Caitlin Litzinger.

Lynn holds regular Pole Fitness Discovery Workshops for about 10 people at a time. The next 6-week workshop begins February 6. Based in pole fitness, the workshop also includes sessions in body expression, chakra awareness, meditation, dance, yoga and more.

Many types of classes have been added to Hot Yoga Plus Palm Springs, since the studio originally opened in March 2019. However, trapeze yoga was an original offering, and Mason has been teaching trapeze classes there from the beginning. The practice utilizes large nylon slings or hammocks that hang from the ceiling.

“I immediately fell in love with this practice,” said Mason, who has been teaching trapeze yoga for more than five years. “Benefits include decompressing the spine and getting blood to the brain. The trapeze has different length handles, which allow people of all heights to find a self-controlled traction that lets gravity work for you.”

From a modern inversion class to a practice from 16th century, the studio is pulling in talented fitness professionals from all walks of life. Mestre Mindinho is now offering classes in Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and live drumming. Currently an adult class is offered on Mondays at 6:30 p.m., with a kids’ class expected soon.

Additional instructors, Judd Hardy, Rhonda Ramirez and Lisa Yuel all share the Hot Yoga Plus class schedule with their various expertise and specialties. Core classes include Pilates, Hot Pilates, Inferno Hot Pilates, Hot 60, Bikram Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.

Lynn and her team also host private sessions and celebration activities, including bachelorette and birthday parties. The second story studio space looks out to Mount San Jacinto through a full wall of glass. At night, the room can change dramatically with colored, disco-style lights and high energy music on stereo surround sound. Whether clients are looking for a serene escape or a unique party vibe, Lynn designs custom packages that make each celebration special.

Lynn is a former gymnast who found life-changing pain relief after practicing Bikram Yoga for less than three months. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others find the same healing through the practice of yoga, Pilates, pole fitness and more. In recent years, she has witnessed many of these more unique fitness practices change the way people see themselves and watch them become more comfortable in their own skin.

“I love watching people transform both physically and emotionally while taking many of these classes,” said Lynn. “It fills my heart to see people expressing themselves through dance and pole fitness, getting in touch with themselves through meditation, and finding themselves through fitness and mindfulness.”

Hot Yoga Plus Palm Springs is located at 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive (in the same shopping center as the Revivals resale store). The exercise space is equip with a unique padded, sweat-proof floor that is easily sanitized. A state-of-the-art steam room, well-appointed locker rooms, a shopping boutique, plus massage options are just a few elements of the spa-like studio. Staff is following all current CDC guidelines for safe operations. For a complete list of classes, descriptions and pricing visit or call 760-832-8655.