Party Under the Perseid Meteor Shower and Supermoon

The Joshua Tree Summer Chillout party has been an August tradition since 2011. This year the chillout will be held at Desert Sky Studios owned by host, and internationally known guitarist, and producer Clive Wright. Mr. Wright will perform with various guests throughout the evening. Other musical acts include Big Black, Dino Arcon, and a special narration, earth blessing, and prayer for peace performed by the performance artist Amy Angel. Desert Sky Studios will also be featuring a belly dance performance by Ruby Doe from Ghana, and other guest performers. The event will coincide with the full Supermoon and the annual Perseid meteor showers. This aspect of the evening will be chronicled by Tom O’key and the excellent Southern California Desert Video Astronomers along with their trademark technological presentation. Deep space and moon imagery will be projected on side screens, for more info on this group check out For more information call 76-366-9513. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be provided, B.Y.O.B. a donation of $10 is requested to cover costs and entertainment.